Rivian Software Update 2024.07.02 prepares R1 owners for Tesla Supercharger access

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian released software update 2024.07.02. Rivian update 2024.07.02’s release notes prepares R1 owners for Tesla Supercharger access. 

“Coming soon! Be on the lookout for the opening of the Tesla Supercharger network to Rivian vehicles,” said the R1T and R1S software updates’ release notes. 

Last month, Tesla and Ford officially launched the F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach Mach-E’s access to Superchargers. Following its announcement with Ford, Tesla announced that other electric vehicles (EVs) will be gaining Supercharger access in the United States and Canada in March. Rivian was among the automakers on the list to gain Supercharger access this month. 

Rivian and R1 owners seem eager to gain access to Superchargers across the United States and Canada. In its post announcing software update 2024.07.02, Rivian asked R1 owners where they’d head first after gaining access to the Supercharger network. 

Tesla Supercharger access would undoubtedly help R1 owners travel longer distances. Rivian is preparing to take full advantage of Tesla Superchargers, too. The EV automaker rolled out a few navigation improvements in its latest software update to ease travels for R1 Owners. 

According to Rivian’s 2024.07.02 release notes, the company has improved the navigation and performance usability of the center display. Below are the improvements Rivian implemented. 

  • Improved route selection and estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Faster rerouting guidance when the vehicle diverges from the current route.
  • Different route line colors clearly indicate the legs of a route.
  • Enhanced map styles to better convey higher map tilts and different map orientations.
  • Improved stability and map rendering performance.
  • Updated the maximum number of added stops to 10 during trip planning.

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Rivian Software Update 2024.07.02 prepares R1 owners for Tesla Supercharger access
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