Tesla Model Y deliveries start in Malaysia

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Tesla Model Y deliveries started in Malaysia. Model Y reservation holders in Malaysia finally received their orders after nearly 8 months of waiting. 

According to local media reports, Tesla Malaysia launched with Model Y orders, followed by the Model 3. Funnily enough, Tesla Malaysia started customer deliveries with the upgraded Model 3 in November 2023

Now, the Model Y has finally arrived. When it was launched in Malaysia, the Model Y achieved two significant milestones, including securing 10,000 orders four days after Tesla opened the order banks. 

As of this writing, Tesla Malaysia’s official website does not offer customers the option to customize Model 3 Highland orders. Customers may choose between Tesla’s inventory of Model 3 Highland units or schedule a test drive. After looking through Tesla’s inventory in Malaysia, the only Model 3 listed is a Long Range Dual Motor AWD variant priced at RM 223,000.

The company’s website still allows customers to customize Model Y orders in Malaysia. Tesla offers the Model Y RWD, Dual Motor Long Range AWD, and Dual Motor Performance AWD to Malaysian customers. 

The Model Y RWD starts at RM 199,000. Meanwhile, the Dual Motor AWD variants are priced at RM 246,000 to RM 288,000 for the Long Range and Performance units, respectively. 

Malaysians can avail of generous incentives when purchasing a Tesla. According to the Malaysian Government, Teslas are classified as imported Completely Built-Up (CBU) electric vehicles (EVs). As CBU EVs, Teslas are eligible for incentives and other benefits, listed below. 

  1. Teslas qualify for full import and excise duties exemption.
  2. EV owners qualify for 100% road tax exemption. 
  3. According to Tesla, EV owners may claim an individual tax relief of up to RM 2,500 on expenses related to the cost of installation, rental, and purchasing, including “hire-purchase equipment or subscription fees for EV charging facilities.” 
  4. Companies renting non-commercial EVs may claim tax deduction on the rental amount up to RM 300,000 from the year of assessment 2023 to 2027.

Tesla Malaysia initiated a hiring ramp last month, welcoming people to join its team. Many of the open job positions are located in Cyberjaya and relate to Sales and customer Support or Vehicle Service. 

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Tesla Model Y deliveries start in Malaysia
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