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Rivian to expand vehicle camera functionality in upcoming OTA update

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Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe has announced that Rivian will introduce dash cam functionality to Rivian’s vehicle camera system.

Much like Telsa’s Sentry Mode, Rivian Gear Guard has been heralded by owners as yet another fantastic feature EVs are bringing to the car market that makes vehicle operation that much better. Until security features like these existed, drivers were forced to use low-quality third-party solutions to monitor their vehicles. Rivian will now expand that functionality to give owners access to the video while driving.

CEO RJ Scaringe revealed the upcoming Rivian camera upgrade on Twitter in his response to a customer who was forced to purchase one of the aforementioned third-party dash cams.

Currently, Rivian’s Gear Guard monitors the vehicle while the owner is away, using cameras and other sensors to monitor the vehicle and trigger the alarm if necessary. The truck is even intelligent enough to notify the owner via the Rivian app on their phone whenever the alarm is tripped. However, this update would supposedly be aiding the driver during driving.

Gear Guard | Meet the tech that protects everything in your R1T from Rivian on Vimeo.

For anyone who is a fan of youtube channels like Wham Bam Tesla Cam, it is immediately apparent why having a series of dash cameras can be incredibly helpful as you drive. Not only does it ensure that in the event of a crash, you have footage and evidence of what happens, but it has proven to be an invaluable tool in criminal prosecution if necessary.

Rivian was not immediately available for comment to Teslarati regarding when this update would be made available or what other features it may contain.

With more and more EVs entering the market by the day, hopefully, they can bring more of these valuable features with them. Tesla and its customers have proven these features are not only in demand but incredibly helpful, and legacy automakers would be wise to implement them as well.

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Rivian to expand vehicle camera functionality in upcoming OTA update
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