SUPER73 announces the world’s fastest charging electric motorcycle

Credit: SUPER73

SUPER73, a leader in the e-bike market, is now looking to enter the electric motorcycle segment and has announced it will do so with the world’s fastest-charging electric motorcycle.

SUPER73 has been in the development of its C1X electric motorcycle for over a year now, and up until today, the brand has been incredibly tight-lipped about the project. The C1X was supposedly a game changer, but now, the company has released the specifications to back it up, and it looks like they were right.

The upcoming SUPER73 C1X features charging from 10-80% in just 15 minutes, which will net the rider 70 miles of range. According to SUPER73, this is the perfect combination for urban riders who often hop on and off highways but primarily navigate city streets. And luckily, with a top speed of 75mph, the C1X has the speed to keep up even for extended rides on the freeway.

SUPER73 identified fast charging as its number 1 design goal, thanks to input from its reservation holders, who have been a vital part of the developmental process. But shockingly, the e-bike company delivered in spades. Compared to other electric motorcycles on the market, the C1X has a charging speed that is a fraction of the competition, with some bikes taking multiple hours to charge. While the bike does feature less range than its competitors, SUPER73 has clearly found a niche willing to embrace the bike’s limitations and double down on its strengths.

“I’m incredibly proud of the dedication our team has shown in order to bring the C1X to life, says LeGrand Crewse, SUPER73 CEO. “The secret behind our innovation is the belief that the user experience should always serve as the guiding principle behind everything we create, and our electric motorcycle is no exception. This year, we’ve set out to prove that you don’t need to break the bank in order to take advantage of cutting-edge technology. Our riders can now enjoy the benefits of fast charging in a more accessible and approachable package with the C1X.”

Other information about the SUPER73 C1X has not yet been made available. Still, the bike maker has continually made it clear that affordability and ease of access are top priorities as they look to enter the market in the near future.

The American bike brand might be entering the electric motorcycle market precisely at the right time. While brands like Harley Davidson’s Livewire or Italian superbike maker Energica are battling for the top of the market, none of the major bike makers have yet to offer a mid-range or budget electric bike. And with competition from more prominent consumer brands like Honda and Yamaha still years away, SUPER73 has a great chance to carve out a cult following.

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SUPER73 announces the world’s fastest charging electric motorcycle
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