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Energica electric motorcycles catch huge wave of popularity in Q3

Credit: Energica / Ideanomics

Energica Motors, an Italian manufacturer of electric motorcycles, announced its sales success and showed off its complete lineup at the Milan Motorcycle Show.

Energica announced today that they have sold 30% more motorcycles in 2022 than they had in 2021, and with Q4 only just getting started, the company may be posting a record sales year. The success is likely motivated by two main factors; Energica’s dedication to expanding its product offerings and a massive acquisition payment from Ideanomics earlier this year.

In the company’s press release, Energica CEO Livia Cevolini commented, “our growing presence at this event reflects Energica’s success. We’ve experienced rapid growth in almost every country where we sell our products…” And grow they have, not only in terms of sales but also in their number of offerings.

Energica now sells ten unique motorcycle models, four of which were introduced this year; the Experia adventure/touring bike, the Ego+ sportbike, the Eva Ribelle naked bike, and the EsseEsse9+ touring bike. The Energica Experia is a particular success as the company now has a growing list of backorders and plans to introduce the bike to police around the world.

The other motivating factor, the investment from Ideanomics, has also undoubtedly been an aid. In March of this year, Ideanomics, a fund focused on furthering electric vehicle adoption, purchased the company entirely and delisted it from the Italian stock exchange. “When Ideanomics acquired Energica, our goal was to help the company expand beyond its racing heritage,” says Robin Mackie, President of Ideanomics Mobility.

Mr. Mackie argues that the Ideanomics acquisition was more than just a cash infusion; “Ideanomics has enabled Energica to double its production capacity, introduce new models with a wider market appeal, and secure large fleet orders.”

Looking forward, Energica hopes to continue to grow its motorcycle offerings and sell its newest motor technology to other manufacturers. “The E2110 motor, which powers the [Energica] Experia, has applications in the agricultural, maritime, and aviation sectors,” explains the press release.

What remains unclear is how Energica will be able to perform when more prominent motorcycle manufacturers begin to enter the electric motorcycle market, such as Honda, Ducati, or Yamaha. But with its growing catalog and production capacity, Energica may be ahead of legacy manufacturers and be able to capitalize on the ever-increasing demand for electric motorcycles more effectively.

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Energica electric motorcycles catch huge wave of popularity in Q3
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