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Tesla improves interface with customization, new features in massive update

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Tesla is shipping Software Update 2023.12 to select employees today with a variety of new interface improvements and features that are aimed toward customization and ease of access.

Tesla has been making a recent effort to vastly improve both its vehicles and App with new features. In-vehicle updates have included a new version of the Owner’s Manual, a revision to the cabin heat system that improves its functionality, and navigation fixes.

For the app, Tesla improved Supercharger visits by including wait times and rates. Additionally, a small fix in the navigation feature of the App was also included.

Now, a variety of new interface-related features are being shipped as part of 2023.12, which was discovered by TeslaScope.

Text Size

“Choose Standard or Large text size for the touchscreen.

Go to Controls > Display > Text Size.”

Controls Search

“Use the ‘Search’ function for quicker access to controls and settings. Go to Controls > Search and enter a search term. Make changes directly from the result or tap the link to jump to that panel in Controls.”

Points of Interest

“See photos and reviews when you select a point of interest or Supercharger location.”

Phone Call Controls

“Control your phone calls from the steering wheel.

Use the left scroll button to answer or decline incoming calls. While you’re on a call, use it to mute/unmute yourself or hang up.”

Scroll Wheel Customization

“Do more with the left scroll wheel button on the steering wheel.

You can adjust settings like brightness and Acceleration Mode, or perform actions like toggling the Camera App, opening the glovebox, and saving Dashcam footage.

Long press the left scroll button to bring up a list of functions and scroll through the list.

To choose which function comes up by default, go to Controls > Display > Scroll Wheel Function.”

Gear Chimes

“A chime now sounds when you shift gears. To toggle gear chimes, go to Controls > Safety > Gear Chimes.”

Passenger Seat Controls

“Adjust the passenger seat from the rear touchscreen to make it easier to enter or exit the rear seat.

To access the passenger seat controls, tap the seat icon on the rear touchscreen. Hold one of the arrows to move the passenger seat forward or backward. The controls are available only when the vehicle is not moving.

To access the same controls from the front touchscreen, tap the App Launcher and go to the rear screen remote control app.”

Get to Know Your Tesla

“Learn basics like creating Driver Profiles, using Phone Key and regenerative braking from the ‘Get to Know Your Tesla’ educational experience within the new ‘Manual’ app. Each topic includes a visual and, if applicable, a link to the relevant feature. The ‘Manual’ app also provides easy access to resources for learning much more about your Tesla, such as the on-screen Owner’s Manual and online tutorial videos.

Go to App Launcher > Manual.”

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings are an already-launched feature in several markets, but it is now available in additional regions. There have also been improvements in performance and changes have been applied in the background.

Voice Recognition Language

“British English is now available as a voice recognition language.

To update your voice recognition language, go to Controls > Display > Voice Recognition Language and choose an option from the list.”

Factory Reset Bug Fix

This update also includes fixes to the factory reset bug that caused some vehicles to lose all data. It was partially resolved in 2023.6, but new fixes have been included in this update, TeslaScope said.

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Tesla improves interface with customization, new features in massive update
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