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Tesla Model S & Model X make first appearance in South Korea

Credit: Tesla Korea Official, Twitter

The Tesla Model S and Model X have made their first appearance in South Korean Tesla stores ahead of deliveries later this year.

Tesla has been slowly but surely expanding the presence of its flagship Model S and Model X models, particularly in Asia, where the cars have achieved critical acclaim for their incredible acceleration. Now, Tesla has finally launched both of its top-of-the-line models in South Korea, with showings available at South Korean stores today.

Tesla made the announcement on its all-new Korean Twitter account, which has yet to be verified on the platform but is followed by the other official Tesla pages.

According to Tesla’s South Korea website, the Model S starts at 124,490,000 South Korean won ($94,519), while the high-performance Model S Plaid starts at 137,490,000 won ($104,389). As is typical for the American automaker’s lineup, the Model X starts higher than its sedan counterpart at 139,490,000 ($105,908), while the Model X Plaid comes in at 153,490,000 won ($116,537).

It remains unclear when the new models will be delivered to the new market, but they are expected later this year if not this quarter.

Tesla’s South Korea launch follows similar launches in Mainland China, the automaker’s second-largest market by revenue behind the United States. Tesla is expected to continue growing its market reach, likely expanding into South East Asia with its top-tier models shortly.

South Korean buyers lack access to the incredible Midnight Cherry Red, which has become incredibly popular in Europe. Still, they do have access to the all-new Ultra Red and all of the other typical colors. As for the interior, South Korea receives the same three colors available in other markets; black, white, and cream.

With EV competition finally beginning to emerge from competitors in numerous Asian markets, notably including the Hyundai/Kia conglomerate, there is no wonder why Tesla has moved to bolster its lineup in the region quickly. And with rapidly increasing competition in the South Korean market, the EV leader will need to work rigorously to build up its market share against domestic alternatives.

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Tesla Model S & Model X make first appearance in South Korea
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