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Tesla registers more than 6k new Model 3 VINs, estimated ~100% dual motor AWD

Tesla recently registered a large batch of 6,032 new Model 3 VINs, with almost all of the filings corresponding to the Dual Motor AWD variant of the compact electric car. The new vehicle identification registrations come at a time when Tesla is actively pushing its deliveries for the Model 3.

The new batch of Model 3 Dual Motor AWD VINs was reported by Twitter watchdog group @Model3VINs, which tracks Tesla’s registrations for the vehicle. According to the group, Tesla’s recent filing — which numbers 6,032 new VINs that are estimated to be ~100% Dual Motor AWD — has brought the company’s total number of Model 3 registrations to 69,601 units.

This recent filing stands as yet another sign that Tesla is well on its way to sustaining its production rate of 5,000 Model 3 per week this third quarter. The production milestone was finally attained by the company during the final week of June, but it did not escape criticism from the company’s doubters, some of whom predicted that the Model 3’s 5,000/week “burst” production would be unsustainable. These doubts, together with lower than expected Model 3 deliveries revealed in Tesla’s Q2 2018 delivery and production report, ultimately caused the company’s stocks to tumble last week.

Since then, however, signs have emerged pointing to the idea that Tesla would be able to sustain its 5,000/week production rate for the Model 3 this third quarter. Just recently, reports emerged from the Tesla community that the company had rolled out configurator emails to all Model 3 reservation holders. This was followed by an encouraging trend displayed by Bloomberg‘s Model 3 production tracker, which currently forecasts that Tesla would be able to sustain its “burst” production rate of 5,000 vehicles per week for the next three weeks. Bloomberg‘s Model 3 production tracker has become more accurate over the past few months, with the system only being 2% off its estimates for Tesla’s Q2 figures for the compact electric car. With this in mind, there is a pretty fair chance of the tracker’s favorable forecast for Model 3 production would prove to be accurate.

Bloomberg’s Tesla Model 3 tracker as of 7/11/18. [Credit: Bloomberg]

Tesla has also started changing its strategy for the Model 3. Since the vehicle reservations exceeded the company’s estimates, Tesla has embarked on an initiative to anti-sell the compact electric car. CEO Elon Musk, for one, noted on Twitter that the Model 3, while newer than the Model S, is not a superior vehicle. Tesla’s official website also included a table comparing the Model S favorably to the Model 3, both in features and in availability. Despite this anti-selling, however, Model 3 reservations remained high, with Tesla most recently confirming that it still has a backlog of 420,000 orders for the electric car.

With the release of configurator emails for reservation holders and the rollout of programs such as test drives in selected stores, as well as a new 5-minute “Sign & Drive” delivery system, Tesla appears to have stopped anti-selling the Model 3. The Model 3, after all, would likely determine whether Tesla could achieve its target of becoming profitable this third or fourth quarter.  

Overall, filings such as today’s batch of 6,032 new Model 3 Dual Motor AWD VINs are encouraging for Tesla. The company, after all, is only producing the Model 3 Performance with Dual Motor AWD for now. Among the Model 3’s variants, the Performance trim, which comes with Dual Motor AWD as default, features a healthy profit margin, with the vehicle starting at $64,000. With this in mind, this newest batch of Model 3 filings, provided that the cars do get delivered this third quarter, could definitely help Tesla’s profitability goals this Q3 2018.

Tesla registers more than 6k new Model 3 VINs, estimated ~100% dual motor AWD
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