Tesla-approved Drone Flyover Video of Gigafactory

Another Tesla Gigafactory drone flyover video emerges on YouTube – this time captured and published with approval from Tesla Motors.

According to YouTuber MyithZwho filmed the Gigafactory and its surrounding landscape in stunning 4k detail via a Tarot 680pro Hex with a GoPro Hero4, “This video was filmed with direct permission from Tesla Motors. Arrangements were made directly with Elon Musk and Tesla Security. Permission has also been given for me to upload it to my page.”

The first Gigafactory drone flyover video gave the world a glimpse of how enormous the lithium-ion battery production plant would eventually be. Shortly after the video went viral, Musk took to Twitter to clarify that the drone footage was only showing the “pilot plant” which represented 1/4 of the size.

This latest video provides a much broader look at the site of the Gigafactory. Steel construction beams can be seen forming a general outline of the Gigafactory footprint, further validating Musk’s Tweet that there’s much more development to come.

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