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Tesla Australia deliveries suffers setback over biohazard concerns 

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Tesla Australia deliveries have stalled over the past few months. The issue stems from the Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) Glovis Caravel, which has been prohibited from making deliveries due to biohazard concerns. 

According to AIS data, the Glovis Caravel arrived in Brisbane, Australia, from China at the end of October. The Clovis Caravel reportedly carried a few “months worth” of Model Y deliveries from China.

Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry (DAFF) confirmed multiple biohazard risks onboard the Clovis Caravel, including Yellow Spotted Stink Bugs. 

“There were multiple detections including Yellow Spotted Stink Bug, which poses a significant threat to Australia’s plant health and environment because of the damage it can do to agriculture crops, fruit, and ornamental trees,” a DAFF spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

Tesla customers in Australia are understandably frustrated by their delivery issues. The customers affected by the Clovis Caravel delivery would have purchased new Tesla Model Y units as early as August with an October delivery date. 

However, they have received notices moving their expected delivery dates to before the end of January. Tesla Australia customers were also given the choice to receive a different vehicle from the next batch of Model Y units expected to arrive in Australia. 

The Clovis Caravel has been circling offshore from Brisbane since her arrival in October, with the crew attempting to fumigate the vessel. The Australian government turned her away—along with her shipment of Teslas—with orders to return to Shanghai. 

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Tesla Australia deliveries suffers setback over biohazard concerns 
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