Final 2023 shipment of Tesla Model 3 Highland units arrives in Europe

Credit: WuWa (via MortenLund89 | X)

The final ship of 2023 to carry Tesla’s Model 3 Highland units has docked in Europe, meaning thousands of vehicles are set to be delivered in the coming days.

On Tuesday, X user and cargo ship tracker Morten Grove pointed out that the cargo ship Morning Champion, which is carrying several refreshed Model 3 units, has officially docked in Barcelona, Spain, after traveling around the continent of Africa from its origin in Shanghai, China. The ship is now unloading its thousands of Model 3 Highland units at the Port of Barcelona.

According to Morten Grove, the Morning Champion is expected to be the final freight ship carrying Model 3 Highland units for the year as the end of the fourth quarter approaches. The account has been tracking Model 3 Highland deliveries via cargo ship since the refreshed vehicle first launched in late August.

Tesla produces the Model 3 Highland at its Gigafactory in Shanghai, from where the electric sedan is shipped across much of Europe and Asia and to countries including New Zealand and Australia, among others still.

Earlier this month, a huge batch of the Model 3 Highland was spotted aboard another cargo ship, instead sporting right-hand drive (RHD) units designed for countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Several shiploads of Tesla’s updated Model 3 units have been spotted since the redesigned vehicle launched, with massive groups of the vehicles typically being seen in export lots at one of Shanghai’s ports. Although Tesla has been delivering Highland units across much of the world, the vehicle is not yet available in North American countries, though it has been seen driving in the U.S. in recent months.

The updated Model 3 design has added new features, such as ambient interior lighting, ventilated seating, a redesigned front bumper, and major simplifying of parts needed to build the car, making it easier to produce than the original version of the electric sedan.

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Final 2023 shipment of Tesla Model 3 Highland units arrives in Europe
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