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Tesla bull and ARK CEO Cathie Wood names her price to sell $TSLA holdings

Tesla's Fremont Factory. (Credit: peekaystudio/Instagram)

Tesla bull and ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood has finally revealed what price $TSLA stock would have to hit for her investment firm to unload its shares of the electric automaker’s stock.

During the Morningstar Investment Conference on Wednesday, Wood began to discuss what it would take for ARK to scrap its holdings of $TSLA stock.

“If nothing were to change in our outlook and we got to $3,000 next year, my guess is that we would be peeling out of it,” Wood said, via Bloomberg News. The $3,000 price target was set by ARK on Tesla stock in March. “This project is our base case for TSLA’s stock price in 2025 based on our Monte Carlo analysis,” ARK analysts wrote in their most recent breakdown of Tesla in March. The astronomical price target was supported by ARK’s view that Tesla’s general product line will begin to expand, supported by increased manufacturing capabilities as the company builds more Gigafactories. Additionally, Tesla’s in-house insurance program, which is set to expand to Texas as soon as next month, also boosted ARK’s outlook by $60 per share.

Tesla Robotaxi, Autonomy, and Insurance drive new price target from ARK Invest

Finally, the most significant contributor to the $3,000 price target was Tesla’s Robotaxi and fully autonomous vehicles, which might be ready by 2025. “In our bear case example, ride-hail could add an additional $20 billion to Tesla’s operating profit by 2025, increasing our price target by about $500,” ARK analyst Tasha Keeney said.

ARK also holds a Bear Case price target of $1,500 and a Bull Case of $4,000. Both of these targets also reflect projections for 2025.

Of course, there have been many times where ARK has sold shares of TSLA. However, the firm never sells the automaker’s shares due to bearish news or a negative outlook on the stock. Instead, ARK consistently adjusts its holdings so that no stock makes up more than 10% of a specific portfolio.

During the presentation, Wood also debated with Rob Arnott, founder of Research Affiliates, who stated that only one EV stock would ultimately succeed. Arnott has not supported surging valuations, especially in Tesla’s sake, and has indicated that it is a case of “pricing delusion.”

When asked if the market was in a bubble, Wood refused to believe that idea. However, she did say, “I do believe the market is beginning to understand how profound some of these platform opportunities are, and how sustained and rapid the growth rates are going to be,” Reuters reported.

ARK’s Innovation ETF (ARKK) has 2.915 million shares of Tesla, making up 10% of the fund. At the time of writing, ARKK was trading at $118.39. Additionally, TSLA was trading at $750.88.

Disclosure: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder. He is not an ARKK shareholder.

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Tesla bull and ARK CEO Cathie Wood names her price to sell $TSLA holdings
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