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Tesla captures two top-five spots in China in April

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Tesla vehicles captured two top-five spots on China’s April electric vehicle leaderboard, despite some reports of a lackluster performance during the month. The Model 3 was once again Tesla’s top performer in China and the second overall EV in the country, while the Model Y managed to be the fifth-best selling electric vehicle in the market in April.

China’s top-selling EV was once again the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV. A joint venture vehicle from General Motors, SAIC, and Wuling, it costs only a few thousand dollars and features that are standard in other vehicles are absent in this car unless the customer pays to add them on.

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Following a lackluster performance in China in April, Tesla still managed to deliver 6,264 Model 3 units last month. While this sounds low, it doesn’t necessarily justify Giga Shanghai’s efficient production rates of Tesla’s mass-market sedan, which has been labeled the “poster child for electric mobility” by the EV Sales Blog. Tesla has been shipping some of the China-produced Model 3 units to Europe to handle excessive demand. This started at the beginning of the year, and evidently contradicted Tesla’s former stance on exporting vehicles to Europe from China, a move the automaker said it wouldn’t make. However, demand in Europe for electric cars has continued to skyrocket, and Tesla’s EVs are among the most popular. In fact, the Model 3 was Europe’s most popular EV in March 2021, where it sold 24,184 cars that month, about 18,500 units more than the second-place Hyundai Kona EV.

Credit: EV Sales Blog

The Model 3 was joined by its sibling Model Y in the Top 5 list for China’s April EV sales figures. It sold 5,407 units in China in April, but these figures also don’t capture the real essence of the Model Y’s success in the region. There was a two-week shutdown of Model Y lines in China in April, contributing to a less-than-favorable performance for the Model Y in the fourth month of the year. However, less-than-favorable depends on who you ask because the vehicle only being built for two weeks of the month wasn’t enough for it to be completely derailed. It still managed a respectable fifth-place finish for the month when competing with all EVs available in the Chinese sector.

The electric vehicle sector as a whole sold over 175,000 units in April, jumping 173% Year-over-Year. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) grew at 204%.

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Tesla captures two top-five spots in China in April
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