Tesla lowers price China made Model 3 & Model Ys.

Tesla China cuts Model 3 powered trunk upgrade cost

Credit: Photo Credit: Tesla Asia; Daniel_PKY

Tesla China has rolled out a price cut for its Model 3 powered trunk upgrade. From its previous price of RMB 3,980 ($546), the upgrade’s cost has been reduced by RMB 1,000 ($137) to just RMB 2,980 ($408). 

Tesla Model 3 units that are produced today are shipped from the factory with a powered trunk. The all-electric sedan, however, did not always have the feature. Model 3 units that were built in Giga Shanghai before January 2021 were fitted with a manual trunk that could be opened but not closed through the vehicle’s infotainment display. 

The Tesla Model 3 refresh in late 2020 introduced a number of key improvements to the all-electric sedan. These included, among other things, better range, new wheels, and features like a powered trunk. With the refresh in place, Tesla owners could open and close their Model 3’s trunk through the infotainment display or mobile app. 

It was then quite a pleasant surprise when Tesla China announced in February 2022 that it would be launching a dedicated powered trunk retrofit for pre-refresh Model 3 owners. For RMB 3,980, owners would receive a three-year warranty for their powered trunk, as well as UI display feature additions. 

With its lower cost, owners of older Model 3 units may find it more reasonable to upgrade their vehicle’s trunk. A powered trunk, after all, is convenient, especially when loading and unloading items from the vehicle. The addition of a powered trunk also makes older Model 3 units feel more like their more updated counterparts, which would be preferable considering the impending launch of Project Highland. 

The Tesla Model 3’s Project Highland update is expected to introduce a number of key changes to the vehicle, such as a revamped exterior and an updated interior. And while there has been no word on Project Highland’s trunk, expectations are high that the updated Model 3 sedan would retain its powered trunk feature. 

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Tesla China cuts Model 3 powered trunk upgrade cost
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