Tesla Cybertruck blasts “Back to the Future” in amazing fan-remake

Credit: YouTube/Elon McFly

The Tesla Cybertruck is back at it again, but this time in a dubbed version of the 1985 classic “Back to the Future”.

A YouTube account by the clever but appropriate name of Elon McFly uploaded a nearly perfect remake of the infamous scene where Doc Brown and Marty McFly make their time-traveling DeLorean disappear into thin air after reaching 88 miles per hour.

This time the car was replaced with the Tesla Cybertruck in what was satirically uploaded with the title of “[DELETED SCENES] A New Time machine? Tesla Cybertruck 2020”. The video shows a Tesla Cybertruck with its unmistakable stainless steel exoskeleton taking the place of Doc Brown’s classic DeLorean that eventually travels back to November 5, 1955. As the Cybertruck blasts back in time, a California license plate reading “LOL GAS” is the only shred of the car that remained.

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What’s incredible about the remake of this iconic scene in cinema history is the fact that whoever is responsible for creating the render of the Cybertruck in the scene did an amazing job of making it nearly identical to the actual film. The angles, background, and internal lights that Doc and Marty installed in the DeLorean were all present in the Cybertruck remake. The only thing that seemed to be missing from the Tesla version was Doc’s dog, a Berger Picard breed named “Einstein”. We can only assume if a pup was included in the Cybertruck remake, it would obviously be named “Nikola” or “Tesla”.

The inclusion of the celebrity-endorsed Cybertruck is another indicator that the vehicle has taken on the warm embrace of pop culture. And we can only hope that this digital masterpiece will make an onscreen appearance in the second installment of “Back to the Future.”

Watch Elon McFly’s remake of Back to the Future with the Tesla Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck blasts “Back to the Future” in amazing fan-remake
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