Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series owners report receiving $2500 vouchers

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Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series owners have reported that they received a letter from the electric vehicle maker informing them that they would be receiving a $2,500 voucher to purchase Powershare Home Backup Equipment. Cybertruck owners who wish not to acquire Powershare Home Backup Equipment could also use the voucher to buy items at the Tesla Shop. 

Initial reports about the vouchers were shared by members of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, some of whom noted that even those who received their all-electric pickup trucks just recently seemed to have received the same communication from Tesla. Some Cybertruck owners, however, shared some concerns about the voucher’s terms and conditions. 

As per Tesla’s letter to the Cybertruck owners, Powershare Home Backup installations would only be possible for owners who have a Tesla Certified Installer in their area. Their Cybertruck must also be parked in their property within 20 feet of their garage of main electrical service panel. These two requirements alone will likely disqualify some Cybertruck owners who wish to acquire Tesla’s Powershare Home Backup system. 

Other Tesla Cybertruck owners noted that while the $2,500 voucher is well appreciated, those who wish to use it for items at the Tesla Shop will probably have a fairly challenging time. As per Tesla’s letter, Cybertruck owners could only use the $2,500 voucher for one transaction, and any unused balance would be forfeited. This is quite tricky since some of the good items from the Tesla Shop tend to be out of stock most of the time. 

Tesla’s letter to Cybertruck owners can be viewed below. 

We are updating the installation process for your Powershare Home Backup equipment to provide you with a more streamlined experience.

After you take delivery of your Foundation Series Cybertruck (or within the next few weeks if you have already taken delivery), you will receive a $2,500 voucher that can be used in the Tesla Shop to purchase Powershare Home Backup Equipment.

Alternatively, you can use this voucher in a single transaction to purchase other items in the Tesla Shop up to the value of the voucher.

To begin your Powershare Home Backup installation process, you must meet the eligibility requirements, including:

  • Take delivery of a Foundation Series Cybertruck
  • Own a single-family home or townhome compatible with Powershare Home Backup in the United States (excluding Puerto Rico)
  • Park on your property within 20 feet of your garage or main electrical service panel
  • Have a main electrical service panel rating less than 225A
  • Have a Tesla Certified Installer in your area
  • Agree to the quote for installation provided by the Tesla Certified Installer

Instructions for requesting a quote from a Tesla Certified Installer will be included with your Tesla Shop voucher. If you have already been paired with a Tesla Certified Installer, you can use your Tesla Shop voucher to purchase your Powershare Home Backup equipment and continue to work with your installer.

For more information, visit the Powershare Support page.

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Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series owners report receiving $2500 vouchers
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