Tesla Expanding Charging Network Beyond Superchargers

A source of ours close to Tesla Motors in Silicon Valley has informed us that the electric vehicle carmaker is in the process of augmenting their global network of Superchargers with strategically placed High Power Wall Connectors (HPWC) across hotels, retail outlets and popular points of interests.

Tesla HPWC

Image source: Tesla Motors

Placing the HPWC – capable of adding 56 miles of range in an hour – in key areas between Supercharger stations, and where major trenching and construction of a Supercharger are likely to be a challenge, not only reduces the maintenance burden and costs incurred by Tesla, but will also allow the lesser-range 60kWh Model S and third generation Model 3 to make long distance travel with as little effort as its 85kWh big brother does.

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Tesla Charging Network

Elon Musk has always stressed the importance of having a strong foundation for the charging network. This brilliant move to install HPWCs across hotels, resorts and businesses further validates Tesla Motors’ mission to make electric vehicle travel just as effortless as its gas-burning counterpart.

HPWC Expansion Benefits

  • Significantly cheaper to install than the Tesla Supercharger
  • Increase traffic and business to sites with the HPWC
  • Provide destination charging for those staying overnight at a hotel or resort
  • Ensure long distance travel from Model S 60kWh, Model X and Model 3 vehicles are effortless

Tesla Motors Destination Charging Application

An online application (screen grab below), allegedly put together by Tesla Motors, allows property owners and businesses to apply to become a potential site for a HPWC.

“Tesla is working with hotels, resorts, and other destinations to encourage the installation of High Power Wall Connectors where our customers spend time away from home. Offering charging is a great way to encourage Tesla owners to visit your business.

If your organization is willing to install Tesla charging in a prominent location at a destination property, Tesla may be willing to provide free or discounted High Power Wall Connectors for customer use.

Please fill in the form below if this is something that your organization is willing to pursue. If the proposed site is a good fit, Tesla will reach out to discuss your options.”

Tesla Motors Destination Charging Application

Tesla Motors Destination Charging Application

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