Tesla FSD Beta observations from testers

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Tesla FSD version rolled out shortly after AI Day. The latest update of Tesla’s Full Self Driving software delivers minor bug fixes. Some testers have received v10.69.2.3 and shared their observations with Teslarati

As previously noted, is a relatively small update that addresses some minor bugs in FSD Beta. As it sometimes goes with software bug fixes, some Beta testers mentioned a new issue in the latest version that appeared to be a step or two backward. 

Road Obstacle Detection Issues

A few testers in Tesla’s FSD Beta Program reported experiencing road obstacle detection issues when their vehicles would not register particular objects in their path or directly ahead. 

For instance, beta tester Jonathan shared that his vehicle did not recognize or avoid dead animals on the road. Another beta tester experienced similar issues with gates in his community.

“One day coming back from work I decided to see if it can get me close to the proximity of my house. I live in a gated community. The vehicle made the turn into the drive entry of the community which has two swing gates. Vehicle was almost going to go through the closed gates,” FSD Beta user Sean shared with Teslarati. “I had to tap the breaks and override the system to make it stop. It didn’t see the gates as obstacles or road blocks. I have tried this a couple of times during daylight and night time and result is the same.”

After Tesla released v10.69.2.2, a few beta testers observed that their vehicles recognized and avoided construction work sites and similar obstacles on the road. 

Left and Right Turns

A couple of beta testers mentioned issues with left and right turns, specifically during intersections. The most prominent issue FSD Tesla drivers raised about turns was their cars’ hesitation during intersections. Testers highlighted that their cars’ hesitation during intersections isn’t really a big issue until they consider the other drivers on the road. 

“Hesitates too long at intersections presumably trying to determine if/when it’s safe to proceed. This only matters to me when there are cars behind me. I feel intense pressure to push the car through (and I do). Humans do not have patience to wait on its time-table,” noted Terry, another FSD Beta tester.

FSD Beta user Dr. Rahaman made similar observations. He noted that his Tesla would creep forward after stopping at an intersection on a red light and would take a left or right turn too slowly, sometimes irritating the drivers behind him. Dr. Rahaman specifically observed that his car entered left turn lanes late without a signal. In the past, the Tesla owner has noted that the car’s turn signals sporadically turn off and on at some intersections or turns. 

Lane Selection Issues

Tesla FSD v. doesn’t appear to address the largest issue multiple testers have pointed out over the past few weeks: lane selection. One beta tester seemed to sum up the sentiments most drivers in the Tesla FSD program have regarding lane selection. 

“Lane selection sometimes just plain wrong and dumb. Causes driving task to be harder for itself than it needs to be because it realizes (eventually, usually) it’s in the wrong lane too late and then has to get over which is harder with traffic and unlike a human who can gesture, the car can give no such signals as to its self-made predicament,” the tester commented.  

“Also, it sometimes gets into turn lane just late enough that cars behind me assume I’m continuing straight and swoop in behind me and get over immediately causing it to be even harder for my car to get over into that lane now because all slots are occupied and the road is about to end at a light,” he added. 

Other Issues

Some other less prominent issues that a few FSD Beta testers have noted are listed below. 

1. Lane Positioning – The car hugs the double yellow lines too closely on narrow roads or sticks to the middle of the road when no lines are present. 

2. Wide turns – The Tesla car takes wide turns, far from the curb. One tester observed that his car risked hitting the guard rails and other obstacles with its wide turn. 

3. Turn Lane Issues – The car still mistakes turn lanes for driving lanes

Some testers still report experiencing phantom braking and jerkiness while taking turns. However, the one observation that seems to stick out among others came from beta tester Neeraj. 

“Drives as if everyone is going to follow the rules 100% and is not accommodating or accounting for those who may not be going 100% as they should,” he said about FSD Beta. 

FSD Beta still has a ways to go before 100% autonomous version rolls out to the general public. Observations and tests from beta testers help Tesla improve FSD. Elon Musk teased more significant improvements in the next update, 10.69.3. Tesla hopes to release a ‘supervised’ FSD version by the end of the year. 

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Tesla FSD Beta observations from testers
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