Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 is coming and its going to be another major update [Editorial]

As the Tesla FSD Beta v10.69.2.3 continues to roll out, Elon Musk teased “major upgrades” coming with v10.69.3. 

Elon Musk hinted at some of the upgrades v10.69.3 might introduce to FSD Beta during AI Day 2022. While answering questions from the audience, he mentioned a specific update regarding the car’s ability to assess the velocity of fast-moving traffic. One FSD expert also noted that Tesla plans to release a parking lot stack before the end of the year. He explained that the parking lot stack would enable cars maneuver around a lot and park.

FSD Stack for City Streets and Highways

During the event, Musk also discussed the FSD stack for city streets and highways. Based on his description of the stack, it might still be a few updates away before Tesla releases it to the FSD Beta tester fleet. 

“The version of FSD Beta that I drive, actually does have the integrated stack so it uses the FSD stack both in city streets and highway,” Musk shared with the audience during AI Day.

“It works quite well for me but we need to validate it in all kinds of weather, like heavy rain, snow, dust— And just make sure it’s working better than the production stack, you know, across a wide range of environments. But we’re pretty close to that, I mean I think it’s—I don’t know…It’ll definitely be before the end of the year and maybe November,” he added.

FSD Beta Updates

Trusted Tesla update tracker, Teslascope, shared that FSD Beta version is going out to about 8%-10% of testers. The first beta tester reported receiving the latest update last week.

Tesla is expected to release a few minor issues in version, similar to version Some issues that testers repeatedly mention are aggressive left turns, speed limit recognition, and some instances of phantom braking. However, lane selection appears to be the biggest issue that beta testers repeatedly mention to Teslarati.

“I experienced a lot of the same issues noted already regarding my S model, trying to stay in the right lane that was ending in a [Casey’s] store,” Beta tester Perry told Teslarati

Perry is a new Beta tester and started with version He hopes the latest update v., corrects some of the issues he has observed. 

Tesla FSD Beta Improvements

Over the past few weeks, Teslarati has closely followed the releases of FSD Beta 10.69. Past articles have mostly covered issues testers have mentioned to the publication. However, Tesla FSD Beta testers have also seen improvements in the software.

In the last update, a few Beta testers noticed that their vehicles started avoiding road debris and construction work sites. They also reported fewer instances of phantom braking and a smoother drive.

One tester, Mike, found that FSD does improve with time and when allowed to learn and correct itself. 

“[People] aren’t comfortable with entropy, which is essential for learning. The chaos seems to be higher just after the software update and becomes more reliable as time go[es] on,” Mike said. 

Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla’s fundamental metric to optimize FSD is the number of miles the vehicle can drive in full autonomy before an intervention “is required that is safety critical.” 

Mike mentioned that some people new to FSD might be “unimpressed” with it after only a few tests. Some testers may stop the tests, deeming it unreliable. However, based on Musk’s words, the more people use FSD, the better it will get. 

Are you an FSD Beta tester? I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences with v. Contact me at maria@teslarati.com or via Twitter @Writer_01001101.

Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 is coming and its going to be another major update [Editorial]
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