Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 release scheduled for next week

Credit: Tesla

Elon Musk announced that Tesla FSD Beta version 10.69.3 would be released next week. Currently, Tesla is rolling out v. 

Previously, Musk teased that FSD Beta v.10.69.3 will introduce major upgrades to Tesla’s autonomous software. During AI day, the Tesla CEO hinted at some of the upgrades that might roll out in 10.69.3, including the car gaining the ability to assess the velocity of fast-moving traffic. 

The upcoming FSD Beta update might fix some of the issues testers are experiencing with Tesla’s software, like lane selection or trouble with turns during intersections. 

Turns and Intersections

Some testers informed Teslarati that their Tesla vehicles appear to have difficulty with intersections at traffic lights. 

A few FSD Beta testers have mentioned that their cars sometimes have problems judging the traffic during turns and intersections. If FSD Beta 10.69.3 allows the vehicle to assess velocity, it might resolve the issue testers experience during intersections. 

Road Obstacle Detection Issues

Another glitch Beta testers recently noticed after downloading are road obstacle detection issues. 

“FSD Beta repeatedly does not recognize [the] community exit gate. Sometimes attempts to crash *without* the Red Steering Wheel warning. Camera icon was pressed,” Dr. Rahaman told Teslarati. 

Another Beta tester noted that his car did not recognize road kill in its path. 

Other Issues

Testers have also mentioned slight issues with lane positioning, wide turns, and turn lane issues. They noted some instances of phantom breaking and jerking on the road, too. 

However, the problems mentioned above aren’t always persistent. Long-time, dedicated Beta testers who frequently use FSD Beta often report good results. 

“Thoughts on improvement. Well, I think its kind [of] two steps forward and 1 step back. So it has improved but, at times, seems to regress. My drive, like I said, is pretty straightforward. I can have a drive with no issues whatsoever. The next day the same drive in the same conditions will have issues, then the next day not,” said Beta tester Jonathan. 

Jonathan noted that FSD Beta would sometimes work fine for four or five days straight. He said that phantom breaking significantly reduced, but there were still instances when his Tesla would beep and tell him to take over the drive for no apparent reason. 

“Some days seem like it’s gotten a lot better, and others feel like the car has reverted but then goes, ‘oh my bad sorry forgot I was better,’ then straightens up,” he added. 

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Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.3 release scheduled for next week
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