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Tesla owners report FSD Beta rollout to cars with less than 100 Autopilot miles, 80 Safety Score

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An increasing number of Tesla owners who purchased the Full Self-Driving suite for their vehicles have reported receiving access to FSD Beta. This was despite some of the owners claiming that their cars have garnered less than 100 Autopilot miles and that their Safety Score was less than 80.  

Earlier this month, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that Tesla has begun the initial rollout of FSD Beta V11. The update was highly anticipated since it was the first version of the advanced driver assist system that utilizes a single stack for both inner city and highway driving. Later comments on Twitter suggested that Tesla would widen the release of V11 before Thanksgiving, a sentiment that the CEO reiterated just recently. 

While reports of V11 being received by Tesla’s veteran consumer FSD Beta testers are yet to be posted, a growing number of Tesla owners have shared on social media that their cars are receiving an update that provides access to FSD Beta. It was, however, FSD Beta version

Some Tesla owners remarked that even vehicles that are not used much, or cars that have a safety score below 80, have received FSD Beta This included a driver who regularly drives his race-spec Model 3 Performance on the track, and whose safety score is at a modest 62. A number of Tesla owners who bought FSD several years ago also reported receiving the update recently. 

Tesla software tracker Teslascope was among the services that posted about FSD Beta’s wide release. The software tracker noted that for now, it does appear that Tesla has removed some of the FSD Beta program’s requirements for its users. 

“Tesla has officially dropped the requirement for 100 autopilot miles and a Safety Score of at least 80 to receive the latest Full Self-Driving Beta update, V10.69.3.1. There is no confirmation that this change will also apply to V11 (for new testers), prior to the wide rollout,” Teslascope noted. 

Another group, @StatsTeslaApp, also saw an increase in the installations of FSD Beta as of late. 

While Tesla seems to be initiating a wide release of FSD Beta to new users, longtime members of the FSD Beta program are still waiting for the rollout of V11 to their vehicles. Overall, Tesla’s strategy for its FSD Beta wide release seems sensible, as it would allow new users to test a version of the software that’s already been tested by veterans. Longtime users, on the other hand, can try their hands at the system’s latest and most ambitious version yet. 

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Tesla owners report FSD Beta rollout to cars with less than 100 Autopilot miles, 80 Safety Score
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