Tesla bull asks Elon Musk for Full Self-Driving value to be added with vehicle trade-in

An autonomous Tesla Model 3 in action. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla will consider adding monetary value to its Full Self-Driving suite when an owner is attempting to trade-in their vehicle. The company is looking into the possibility following a request to Elon Musk from notable Wall Street analyst and Tesla bull Pierre Ferragu.

Ferragu, an analyst from New Street Research, currently owns a Model 3 equipped with Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite. After purchasing the self-driving capability in November, Ferragu said he is interested in upgrading from a Model 3 to a Model Y. Still, he isn’t pleased about paying the $10,000 price tag for the semi-autonomous driving feature when he recently shelled out the money for the Model 3.

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite is what the company may be most known for outside of its highly-advanced electric vehicle tech, which has made it the undeniable leader in the EV sector. However, the Full Self-Driving suite is not included with the purchase of the vehicle like Basic Autopilot is, and to have the FSD capabilities, the owner must pay $10,000 on top of the price of the car.

@elonmusk: I paid FSD for my Model 3 in November. I now want to upgrade to model Y and your team tells me you don’t value FSD in your trade-in offer because you can do the software upgrade for free. Want me to pay again full price for FSD again? That’s not fair, change that!” Ferragu tweeted to Musk.

Musk and Tesla are considering adding the transfer or giving some credit toward an FSD-equipped vehicle’s trade-in value. Currently, the issue is that Tesla is not giving any monetary value to the FSD suite when someone wishes to trade in their car toward a new one. This would effectively mean that FSD makes the car no more or less valuable than it would be without the functionality equipped. This is causing a dilemma with some owners who wish to upgrade or change their Tesla vehicle as it would require paying another hefty $10,000 fee.


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Musk stated that he would look into the possibility of having FSD add value to a trade-in. The reason Tesla didn’t consider it before, according to Ferragu, is because the company can activate the functionality to any vehicle for free.

Other owners would be interested in a one-time transfer to a new vehicle, which would be advantageous for multiple scenarios. One would be if a family has two Teslas, but one is driven more than another. If the new car will be driven more frequently, but the current car has FSD, some owners may want to transfer the self-driving capability to the new vehicle. Another situation that would give owners some more leeway would be if they are trading an FSD-equipped vehicle in for a new Tesla. If their FSD purchase was recent and at the same price point as the current $10,000 tag, the feature could be transferred to the new car. If the owner paid less, Tesla could require the owner to pay the difference.

Tesla has been known to listen to real-world owners and use the feedback to improve their cars. Musk will likely update the development as it is figured out. It will be interesting to see how the company values FSD through trade-ins or if it will take the route of a transfer option for recent buyers of the Full Self-Driving suite.

Tesla bull asks Elon Musk for Full Self-Driving value to be added with vehicle trade-in
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