Tesla shares ‘Giga Sounds’ song featuring real factory audio

Credit: Tesla Manufacturing | X

Tesla has shared a unique “acoustic factory tour” on social media, in which producers have made a song out of sounds from the automaker’s Gigafactories.

The Tesla Manufacturing account on X has shared “Giga Sounds,” a five-minute collage of techno beats that were created using samples from real sounds in the company’s shopfloors. According to Tesla, the techno beats were created by Ljebe, danilo and Sanja 3×9, and the music is accompanied by a kaleidoscopic visualizer that appears to include shots from the automaker’s assembly facilities.

When listening to the song while knowing the sounds come from Tesla’s factories, you can definitely tell you’re hearing noises like alarms, honking cars, people talking and various industrial sounds. However, if you weren’t told, it might be tough to distinguish the song from those created by synthesizers, drum machines and software plugins, instead of one using sampled sounds from manufacturing plants.

It’s not clear if the audio came from a particular one of Tesla’s factories or if they utilized sounds from multiple of the plants. In any case, however, we hope this will not be the last of Tesla’s Giga Sounds, and maybe in the future, the company can even have producers create individual soundtracks for its various factories.

Tesla currently operates automotive Gigafactories factories in the U.S. in Fremont, California and Austin, Texas, along with other major plants in Sparks, Nevada and Buffalo, New York. Beyond the U.S., Tesla also has Gigafactory locations in Shanghai, China and outside of Berlin, Germany, and it has plans to build a new one in the Mexican state of Nuevo León in the coming years.

The Tesla Manufacturing account on X was only created last month, with the page’s first post being a video tour of Giga Berlin’s new lobby and manufacturing facility. Among several interesting details, the factory’s lobby includes a beverage-pouring robot.

Tesla has several different accounts on X featuring various arms of its business. The Manufacturing page is the company’s most recently created, while it also created accounts for its artificial intelligence (AI) efforts in May, and for both the Optimus bot and the company’s European business in January. Additionally, Tesla has a main account, and a few other separate accounts for charging, operations in Asia, its energy division overall and Megapack deployment.

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Tesla shares ‘Giga Sounds’ song featuring real factory audio
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