Tesla’s largest operational Powerwall installation in the UK gets completed

Credit: Portsmouth City Council via Energy Manager Magazine

The Portsmouth City Council’s Hilsea Industrial Estate in the UK recently received an upgrade in the form of a 250 kW solar installation on its roof, which complements the existing 50 kW system that has already been set up on the site. Supporting this vast array of solar panels is the largest operational Tesla Powerwall installation in the UK, which can store 135 KWh of electricity at any one time. 

The ten-unit Powerwall battery system could provide the site’s solar system with notable advantages, considering that the batteries could store and release energy at optimum times. With its 135 kWh size, Energy Manager Magazine noted that the Portsmouth City Council’s Powerwall installation could store enough energy to power average domestic homes for about two weeks. 

Ultimately, the solar and battery storage system in the Portsmouth City Council’s Hilsea Industrial Estate is estimated to reduce the site’s reliance on grid-sourced electricity by nearly 50%. This is despite the industrial site being involved in a number of energy-intensive activities. Together, the solar installation and Powerwall systems are expected to reduce the site’s carbon emissions by about 69 tonnes per year.

During summertime, the site could potentially power itself just with its solar panels and Tesla battery units. Cllr Dave Ashmore, the council’s Cabinet Member of Environment and Climate Change, expressed his enthusiasm for the solar and Tesla Powerwall system. 

“It’s fantastic to see Portsmouth City Council leading the way when it comes to innovative projects like the one at Hilsea Industrial Estate. Not only are we producing and using our own renewable energy but projects like this dramatically reduce the Council’s ongoing energy costs. The Council has been clear in setting out its plans in tackling climate emergency and it’s fantastic to see projects like acting out these plans,” he said. 

The Portsmouth City Council notes that energy storage through the use of batteries like Tesla Powerwalls stands as a key part of its ambitious goal of becoming net-zero carbon by 2030. 

Tesla’s largest operational Powerwall installation in the UK gets completed
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