Tesla launches Dogecoin payments for Cyberquad for kids, Giga Texas Belt Buckle & Cyberwhistle

Tesla officially rolled out Dogecoin payments for a few items in its online shop. Most of the items accepting Dogecoins in the Tesla shop are in the Lifestyle section. 

Tesla opened Dogecoin payments for the Giga Texas Belt Buckle, Cyberwhistle, and Cyberquad for kids, all released around the holiday season last year. The Giga Texas Belt Buckle costs 835 Doge, while the Cyberwhistle costs 300 Doge. Tesla is accepting Dogecoin for Cyberquad for Kids, too. The Cyberquad for Kids costs 12020 Doge.

Interestingly enough, the US dollar price of the Cyberquad for kids, Cyberwhistle, and Giga Texas Belt Buckle have been removed from the Tesla Shop. Previously, the Cyberquad for kids was priced at $1,900, and the Cyberwhistle’s price was $50. The Giga Texas Belt Buckle was with a $150 price tag. For perspective, Dogecoin is currently trading at $0.19.

The Dogecoin price includes applicable taxes. To pay with Dogecoins on the Tesla Shop, customers will need a Dogecoin wallet. 

“When checking out with Dogecoin, the payment page will display the Tesla Dogecoin wallet “address” in both an alphanumeric code and a QR code form for you to connect to your Dogecoin wallet to transfer the Dogecoin. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that Dogecoin is transferred to Tesla’s Dogecoin wallet accurately,” explained Tesla.

Tesla also informed customers who plan to pay in the cryptocurrency that the Dogecoin network charges network fees each time a payment is made in the currency. The customer is responsible for any costs associated with Dogecoin transactions. All purchases with Dogecoin are final sales. Items paid for in Dogecoins cannot be returned, exchanged, or canceled. 

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Tesla launches Dogecoin payments for Cyberquad for kids, Giga Texas Belt Buckle & Cyberwhistle
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