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Tesla restarts Magic Dock installations by bringing them to new area

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Tesla has restarted the installation of the Magic Dock by building new Superchargers fitted with it in Texas, making it the third region the automaker has brought the technology to.

Tesla’s Magic Dock was started rolling out earlier this year and is a connector that would enable electric vehicle owners with the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) to recharge at Superchargers.

As early as January, there was speculation that Tesla was beginning to build the Magic Dock-equipped Supercharger posts and install them in U.S. states, although the automaker did not detail where they would be installed.

A further examination from Teslarati showed that New York and California were where Tesla was putting the Magic Dock Superchargers.

Here’s how Tesla appears to be rolling out the Magic Dock

It has been some time since we’ve heard about the Magic Dock, as news has been more heavily focused on automakers leaving CCS and adopting Tesla’s connector, the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

However, it appears some Magic Dock Superchargers are being installed once again.

A new set of Tesla Superchargers equipped with the Magic Dock was spotted near Fort Worth, Texas (via Reddit).

There were installers present who also tested the Magic Docks with the F-150 Lightning from Ford.

The Magic Dock is likely going to be a crucial part of the Supercharger network as Tesla will likely need to accommodate other EVs through CCS as the NACS has not yet been made a “standard,” although other automakers have adopted it in droves.

Tesla needed to build Superchargers for more than just itself in order to qualify for federal funding that was set aside to expand the network of EV chargers as more drivers transition to EVs.

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Tesla restarts Magic Dock installations by bringing them to new area
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