Tesla Megapack batteries activated for 100 MW battery project in CA—one of the largest in the country

Arevon Asset Management has activated a 100 MW/400 MWh Saticoy battery storage system, powered by Tesla Megapacks, in Ventura County, California.

The Saticoy battery’s stored energy will be supplied to Southern California Edison based on the terms of a 20-year purchase and sale agreement. The 100 MW battery storage system will provide enough power to power the city of Oxnard for four hours or all of Ventura County for 30 minutes.

The entire Saticoy battery storage system is supported by 142 Tesla Megapacks, made for giga-scale projects. At the last TSLA earnings call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted the importance of installing solar and storage batteries at the local residential level and utility level to stabilize power grids.

“In fact, if you go to full renewable electricity, we need about 3x as much electricity as we currently have. So these are rough numbers, but roughly you need twice — roughly need twice much electricity if all transport goes electric, and they need three times much electricity if all heating goes electric,” Musk estimated. He argued that utilities will fail to serve customers because they won’t generate enough power or react fast enough to rising energy demands.

The Saticoy battery seems to be a step towards Musk’s vision of the future. Local residents and community leaders actually helped stop plans for a proposed gas peaker plant in the area where the Saticoy battery system stands now. The 100 MW project claims to be one of the largest operational battery storage systems in the United States.

Strata Clean Energy, formally known as Strata Solar, developed the Saticoy clean energy project and completed it in nine months. Arevon is an affiliate of private asset management firm Capital Dynamics, which acquired 51% majority ownership of the Saticoy Battery Storage Project earlier this year. S&B USA Energy acquired 49% minority interest in the project.

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Tesla Megapack batteries activated for 100 MW battery project in CA—one of the largest in the country
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