Large batch of Tesla Model 3 spotted at Fremont delivery center near factory

Less than a week after we spotted a fleet of Tesla Model 3 at the company’s newly opened vehicle delivery center in Los Angeles, another sizable number of Model 3 vehicles – this time reported to be over 100 and as much as 200 vehicles – were seen at the company’s warehouse in Fremont, California. The facility which also doubles as a service and delivery center is located less than 2 miles from Tesla’s Fremont factory.

Redditor hkibad visited the location on Sunday and managed to capture a series of photos showing a parking lot full of Model 3. Though hkibad was unable to get a glimpse of Model 3 vehicle identification numbers (VINs) at the location, others that visited the same facility on Sunday documented their sighting of a Model 3 with VIN as high as 2049.

Batch of Model 3 vehicles spotted at Tesla’s Fremont delivery center [Photo: hkibad]

The company recently began to deliver the rear-wheel drive, Long Range Model 3 to customers just a few weeks after first opening its online configurator to non-employees in late November. Messaging on the Model 3 Design Studio indicated a delivery window of 4 weeks.

Other Model 3 sightings with VIN surpassing 2000 suggest that the company has been making progress on increasing its production numbers and poised to reach the ramp portion of its production S-curve in early 2018.

Considering the recent acquisition of its long time supplier and maker of highly-automated manufacturing equipment, Minnesota-based Perbix Machine Company, it would appear that Tesla is laser-focused on quickly solving its factory automation challenges, as it pushes towards a target of 5,000 Model 3 produced per week by the end of the first quarter in 2018.

Check out the large batch of Model 3 spotted on Sunday at Tesla’s Fremont delivery center.

Large batch of Tesla Model 3 spotted at Fremont delivery center near factory
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