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Tesla Model 3 snow chains for winter driving

Tesla has added Model 3 snow chains to its online store just in time for winter. The alloy steel chains for Model 3 are being produced by arguably one of the most renown chain manufacturers in the world – Austria-based Pewag.

Tesla says in its description for the $115 Model 3 accessory that they’re approved for use on vehicle’s with the standard wheels and optional 19″ wheels and 235/40R19 tires. Tesla Model 3 is offered in a standard 18″ Aero Wheel that utilizes a hub cap, rumored to provide up to a 10% increase in range, or optional 19″ Sport Wheel for $1,500.

Model 3 factory 18″ Aero Wheel (left) vs. 19″ Sport Wheel (right)

The company also notes that the Pewag Servo RS 77 snow chains for Model 3 are approved for use on the version of the vehicle with rear wheel drive (single motor). Tesla is expected to produce a performance variant of the Model 3 with dual motors in the second half of 2018.

“The Servo RS 77 offers the comfort of stationary mounting and high reliability under all conditions: a snow chain that will especially satisfy frequent drivers. With square links and diagonal pattern, these easy-to-install, self-tensioning, alloy steel chains offer superior traction and a smooth ride.” reads the description on Tesla’s online store for Model 3.

HOW TO: Installing snow chains on a Tesla Model S (VIDEO)

Similar to Tesla’s snow chain system for Model S, the Pewag system is expected to be easier to install than traditional chains because of its self-tensioning design. Standard chains typically require a driver to tug and fit chains perfectly around a tire assembly, before pulling it together for a snug fitment. The installation of a Pewag system, on the other hand, uses a latch and quick-release mechanism that makes for easier installation. Akin to pulling a drawstring for a bag, Model 3 snow chains can be secured by pulling the loose-end of chain through the self-tensioning mechanism.

We’ve embedded a video by Pewag that demonstrates how to install the same Servo brand snow chain being offered for Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 snow chains for winter driving
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