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Tesla Model 3 storage lot spotted in new 4K drone video of Fremont factory

A new aerial video of Tesla’s Fremont, Calif. factory reveals what appears to be several hundred Model 3 vehicles on the storage lot at the facility. The sighting, captured by drone on Wednesday, joins a long list of other recent sighting of a Model 3 stockpile at the factory’s nearby delivery center, and in Tesla’s newest Los Angeles facility in Marina Del Rey.

The video shows a large number of Model 3 vehicles being stored in an area behind the factory that’s on the opposite end of the company’s test track, where a rumored Tesla Model 3 Performance variant was spied testing.

Redditor darksoldier360 shared the following impressive photos of Tesla’s Fremont factory as captured by done.

Zooming into the photos and one can clearly spot the smaller Model 3 sedan intermixed with the company’s flagship Model S and Model X SUV. Also seen in the 4K drone video is newly expanded areas of Tesla’s factory into the south end of the main building.

Fremont’s city council approved in 2016 an expansion plan submitted by Tesla that would nearly double the manufacturing space at the factory. The city said of the plan, at the time, that it would support “a development pattern for the site in order to facilitate future growth” of Tesla.

The master plan called for an increase of 4.6 million square feet of manufacturing space in 11 new buildings ranging in size from nearly a million square feet down to 118,000 square feet. Tesla said the new space would be used to manufacture the much anticipated Model 3.

Tesla is expected to reach Model 3 volume production at 5,000 vehicles produced per week by the end of the first quarter in 2018. The company has begun to deliver the first Model 3 customer cars this month.

Tesla Model 3 storage lot spotted in new 4K drone video of Fremont factory
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