Oil giant Shell offers Tesla Model 3 and Model Y subscriptions in Germany

Credit: Miete Deinen Tesla

Shell may have established its legacy as an oil and gas giant, but the company has shown an eagerness to present itself as an advocate of sustainable solutions. In Germany, for example, Shell has launched a dedicated electric vehicle subscription program, featuring popular electric vehicles from the humble Fiat 500-e icon to the luxurious Porsche Taycan.

But this is not the most interesting part of Shell’s electric vehicle subscriptions in Germany. A look through the EV subscription’s options shows that Shell is actually offering the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor, and the Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor for customers in Germany. The Teslas stand as Shell’s longest-range EVs for its subscription service in Germany. 

Credit: Shell Recharge Germany

Those who sign up for Shell’s Tesla subscriptions in Germany would receive a number of perks, though they come at a cost. The Model 3 Standard Range, for example, costs €599 (US$650) per month for a 2-year, 20,000-km (12,427-mile) plan. Meanwhile, the Model 3 Long Range costs €729 (US$803) per month, and the Model Y Long Range costs €859 (US$946) per month for the same 2-year, 20,000-km plan. 

Customers to Shell’s EV subscriptions receive several key services. Car insurance is included, and so are seasonal tires and maintenance, among others. Shell’s Recharge Card is also bundled in the service, which should provide customers with a healthy number of accessible charging stations around Germany. The oil giant has noted that the electricity used in the Shell Recharge network comes from 100% renewable energy generated from wind, solar, and biomass. 

Credit: Shell Recharge Germany

Shell has confirmed with Teslarati that its Tesla subscriptions are so far only available for permanent residents in Germany. And while higher-priced electric cars like the Porsche Taycan are already available in the service today, Shell currently has no plans to expand its Tesla lineup to include the flagship Model S sedan and Model X SUV. Shell has also noted that for now at least, it is uncertain if the service would be offered in other countries outside Germany.

Customers who wish to acquire a Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor, and Model Y Long Range Dual Motor through Shell’s EV subscription program might be in for a long wait, however. As per Shell’s official site, the Teslas it offers currently have a wait time of 20-24 weeks. This would likely improve in the future, especially as Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin ramps its vehicle production

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Oil giant Shell offers Tesla Model 3 and Model Y subscriptions in Germany
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