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Tesla adds Model 3 snow chains for 20″ Performance wheels to online store

Tesla Model 3 snow chains for 20″ Performance wheels have been added to the company’s online store.

The Maggi Trak Sport 214 snow chain is a unique type of self-adjusting and easy-to-install chain that utilizes four clamps and one fixing point for installation. Rather than wrapping the chains around the inner portion of the tire, the outer wheel side of the drive wheels is used as the single fixing point over complex inner side attachments. Excellent traction and durability in snowy conditions are to be expected from the aftermarket addition. Previously, snow chains were only available for Model 3 with 19″ wheels in a dual motor and rear-wheel drive configuration and were produced by a different manufacturer.

Tesla’s store also notes that the Maggi Trak Sport chains are only approved for Model 3 Performance 20” wheels and Tesla-approved 235/35R20 tires. Additionally, they should only be installed on the rear wheels. For $290, the snow chain package includes a nylon protective bag, one pair of chains, and an installation guide, and delivery is anticipated to take 2-3 weeks.

According to the manufacturer, the self-adjusting nature of the Maggi Trek snow chains ensures a perfect grip between the chain and the tire tread. The gripping unit design has a smaller profile that won’t compromise the minimal space between the outer tire and inner wheel well, resulting in a safe and quiet drive. The Maggi Trak Sport snow chain system is also available for the Model S.

Watch the video below for how to install the Model 3 AWD Maggi trek snow chains, as demonstrated on a Model S:

Tesla adds Model 3 snow chains for 20″ Performance wheels to online store
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