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Tesla Model S in Insane Mode on German Autobahn


Tesla owners like to go fast, to state the obvious, and traveling the German Autobahn is probably on everyone’s bucket list — mine is Hwy 1 in California. Thanks to Bjorn Nyland of Norway, we get to live out the dream of going all-out on the famed Autobahn in a Tesla P85D. The still camera is focused entirely on the road and provides a great view of the road, including a run-in with a twin-turbo Mercedes SL63 AMG. While you don’t get a look at the speedometer, Nyland describes his current speed throughout the video.

Nyland’s objective is to average around 200 km/hr and provide a real world stress test for the P85D. The fun starts at the 7:00 minute mark when Nyland gets right behind the SL63 and says, “let’s go to to the border” as they both “floor it” and pitting traditional horsepower against the 691hp dual motor Model S.

The video is an interesting peek into the Autobahn and why a 250 kmh (150 mph) vehicle is more ideal, than say a 225 kmh Model S. It seems like 250kmh is the minimum speed needed to remain in the left-hand lane.

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