Tesla offering Model S P100D inventory cars for immediate pickup

Photo Credit: DragTimes

Everything about Tesla’s top of the line Lamborghini-battling P100D is quick, including the vehicle’s production turnaround and its coming to market as an inventory car. A small section off of the company’s online Design Studio for the Model S is offering a handful of new inventory P100D variants for pickup directly from one of the Tesla Showroom stores in San Francisco, Chicago and Florida.

Tesla offers a limited quantity of inventory cars that once served as a showroom floor demo vehicle, a test drive car, or as a service center loaner, for sale and for lease. Inventory vehicles are sold as new and typically have low mileage. They’re also eligible for federal and state electric vehicle incentives just like a new car would be.

Though one of the main incentives for purchasing an inventory car is being able to capitalize on a discounted price, buyers interested in taking home a fully loaded Model S P100D won’t be receiving such a break. The price of a new Model S P100D configured through the company’s online Design Studio is identical to the price of the inventory car. Instead of a discount, buyers have the opportunity to skip the factory production queue and take delivery of the ‘Quickest production car in the world‘ directly from a Tesla store without having to wait.

Links to the following Tesla Model S P100D inventory cars were shared by Reddit user bravokiller5.


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