Tesla Model S Plaid photos shows clearest look at new interior to date

Credit: Teslarati via @BlakeM in San Francisco

Recent photos of a Model S Plaid spotted parked in San Francisco streets reveal Tesla’s progress with its new flagship sedan.

Tesla owner @BlakeM in San Francisco shared a few Model S Plaid photos with Teslarati. The pictures give a clear image of the now-infamous Yoke steering wheel and the rear display at the back. He believes the Plaid Model S is a test mule because of the interior’s condition.

Some parts of the Model S were missing, supporting the idea that it was a test mule. There was a missing trim on the passenger side of the center console and a missing trim at the base of the “T” in the yoke steering wheel.

He noticed that a few diagnostic cables were hanging out of the center console of the Model S, where the phone would usually sit. The Tesla owner also observed that the pillar panel on the passenger’s side was partially removed, exposing cables. He believes the pillar panel was removed to gain access to the cables, or simply because the car might be a test mule.

BlakeM noted that the Model S had a “May” sticker next to the VIN at the back of the car, which might signify how recent the car was updated. According to the Model 3 Performance owner, a Model S Plaid has been spotted around his neighborhood for the past two months, so it might have been produced earlier this year. He observed no physical changes to the car over the past few months and believes any significant updates Tesla has made were with the car’s hardware or software.

The side cameras of the vehicle were covered with black gaffers tape, but the Tesla owner wasn’t certain if it was to cover the cameras or just camo. A tow hook can be seen at the front of the Model S Plaid as well.

Despite the missing trim pieces on the interior, the photos still provide a pretty good idea of what the new Model S’ interior would look like. The rear seats seem spacious enough, and the 8″ rear screen looks large enough to display media content adequately. The trim around the rear display may also help keep the screen from the occasional kick from kids sitting at the back.

A look at the front seats also hints at the ventilated seats of the new Model S. Coupled with Tesla’s already well-received seat design, the ventilated seats of the Model S Plaid would likely prove to be among the best seats in the market yet.

During the TSLA Q1 2021 earnings call, Elon Musk talked about the challenges Tesla faced when developing the new versions of the Model S and Model X. Tesla hopes to start Model S Plaid and Refresh deliveries soon. Musk clarified that deliveries depended on Tesla’s ability to ramp supply chain and internal production processes.

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Tesla Model S Plaid photos shows clearest look at new interior to date
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