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Tesla Model S Service Plan – Is it Worth it?

Tesla Model S Service Plan Checklist

If you’re asking yourself the questions, “Should I buy the Tesla Service plan?  Is it worth it?”, then there’s a few things you need to consider before making the purchase.

One of the more unique joys with owning a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, besides the fun factor and its obvious eco-advantages, is knowing that there are a limited amount of moving parts to have to worry about.  Less moving parts, equals less hassle, equals less maintenance expenditures as the car ages into its finer years.  Or does it?

Tesla Motors offers five distinct service plans for the Model S ranging from a $600 per annual inspection to $4,800 for a 4 year extended / 100,000 mile plan which doesn’t seem all that bad relative to what was already spent on the car itself.  But what are you really receiving in a service plan that’s designed for an electric vehicle that has no engine?

We took a closer look at the Tesla Service Plan Checklist to see what we’re really getting for our buck.


  • 80% of the service plan calls for a visual inspection (inspect tire pressure, tire tread, seat belts, brake pad thickness ..etc)
  • Clean, lubricate sunroof guide rails
  • Replace remote control battery and wiper blades (Replace tires and brakes only if needed)


  • Same as year 1
  • + replacement cabin filter, brake fluid and recharging the AC


  • Same as year 1


  • Same as year 2
  • + coolant flush

As one can see there’s not much “servicing” that actually takes place on a Tesla, and for some this may represent a milestone when it comes to breaking the psychological barrier of having to always carry a service plan.

Download the Tesla Model S Service Plan to learn more.

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