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Tesla Model S Wrapped in Carbon Fiber and Stealth

Tesla Model S Stealth Wrapped

A great way to add flair and uniqueness to your Tesla Model while receiving the added benefit of paint protection is to wrap it with a decorative / protective film.  But what exactly is a “wrapped” Tesla Model S?

Before After Wrapped

Image Source: Popular Mechanics

We’ve all come across a wrapped vehicle whether we know it or not.  If you’ve ever seen one of those driving billboards or better yet a taco truck parked at your local street festival, then you’ve witnessed a vehicle that was most likely transformed though a wrap.

Wrapping is a cost effective and quick way to add instant transformation to an existing paint job. It avoids the labor intensive process that’s often associated with re-painting a vehicle, not to mention the process is fully reversible.  It’s like an ‘undo’ button for your car’s paint scheme.

It goes without saying that a Tesla Model S wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl or XPEL’s stealth film is light years beyond the materials and techniques employed on your taco truck, but you get the gist.

Check out how auto tuners such as the famed A&E Autosound and North West Auto Salon have transformed the Tesla Model S through wraps.


Tesla Model S Wrapped Stealth Front

Image Source: NW Auto Salon

Tesla Model S Wrapped Stealth Emblems

Image Source: NW Auto Salon

Tesla Model S Wrapped Stealth Rear

Image Source: NW Auto Salon

To learn more about the installation process, check out the NW Auto Salon video montage.

Tesla Model S Wrapped Matte Blue Vossen

Image Source: Vossen Wheels

Tesla Model S Wrapped Carbon Fiber

Image Source: A&E Autosound



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