Tesla Model 3+ wasn’t supposed to be the first car with ambient interior lighting

Credit: Tesla | Tony Pham @TonyQuickBandit

One of the most notable interior changes with the Model 3+, or Highland, as some call it, was the addition of an ambient lighting strip that spans throughout, adding a customizable and everchanging feature with the new all-electric sedan.

Despite Tesla using it with this new version of the Model 3, which is set to begin deliveries this month in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, it appears that the company actually prepared to use the feature in past vehicles like the Model S and Model X, as noted by one owner who found a wiring harness and a channel for the LED strip to be guided through.

Tony Pham, the owner of a 2022 Model X Plaid, discovered that on his vehicle’s interior door panel, there was not only a plug-in and wiring harness that was installed for an LED strip but also a channel for the strip so it could be appropriately installed and placed throughout the vehicle’s interior.

Another Tesla owner with a 2022 Model X Plaid confirmed their door panel also featured the same harness and channel for LED lights.

As we have seen in interior sightings, the Tesla Cybertruck is already planned to have the ambient lighting feature as well. Additionally, an updated Model Y design in China, which was launched in late September, features ambient interior lighting.

Tesla Cybertruck interior ambient lighting teased in new sighting

However, it is interesting Tesla planned to install this feature on the premium vehicles it offers, as the Model S and Model X are the company’s flagship offerings and would seem like suitable candidates for a feature like this.

Tesla has made the feature seamlessly customizable through a simple color wheel on the center touchscreen.

Owners that have a Model S or Model X from recent years could likely have ambient lighting installed, although it would not be as easy to control as it is for Model 3+ and Cybertruck owners, as it would likely need to be controlled through a third-party app on your smartphone.

Of course, this also provides Tesla with an opportunity to offer ambient interior lighting as an add-on for owners, and it could be installed by Service Centers across the country, or instructions could be provided by the automaker for owners to do it themselves.

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Tesla Model 3+ wasn’t supposed to be the first car with ambient interior lighting
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