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Tesla dominates in California, led by Model Y

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The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling vehicle in California in 2022, while the Tesla Model 3 took second place in the state beating out all legacy automakers.

It’s no secret that California is a Tesla stronghold. Anyone who has so much as had a layover at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has noticed the crazy number of Teslas and electric vehicles generally. But Tesla’s popularity in the state seems to have come to a head as its Model Y and Model 3 were the top two best-selling vehicles in California in 2022.

Toyota is typically the top dog in California and numerous other states, but according to Reuters, following a significant sales slump last year, the Japanese brand’s most popular models fell to third and fourth place behind the Tesla offerings. Tesla sold 87,257 Model Ys in California during 2022, making it the most popular vehicle in the state. Following close behind, the Tesla Model 3 sold 78,934 units. Both Tesla models leaped far ahead of the Toyota RAV4 with 59,794 sales in third place and the Toyota Camry with 55,967 in fourth place.

Despite Tesla’s surge in popularity in 2021, the American automaker barely missed the top spot in the state during the year, making 2022 the first year Tesla has held the top sales title.

Outside of California, Tesla, while still successful, did not have the same level of success. General Motors was the top automaker in the United States for 2022. However, Tesla’s lead in EV sales in America is still without equal.

Perhaps most surprising about Tesla’s sales domination is its success despite poor macroeconomic conditions. During 2022, the United States experienced the highest rates of inflation since the Jimmy Carter era, a fact that many legacy brands have pointed to as a reason for a slump in demand. However, it should be noted that Tesla’s typically higher-earning customers may have been less affected by the sluggish economy.

Looking forward to this year, Tesla has a great opportunity to build on its sales success from last year. As noted in Tesla’s Q4 earnings call, the focus on growing production remains a top priority. Furthermore, thanks to the continued growth at Giga Texas and Tesla Fremont, North America customers will likely deliver vehicles faster than ever.

Tesla will look to its success in California at its upcoming Investors Meeting, where many hope CEO Elon Musk can encourage the company’s stock to continue to grow after its disastrous end of last year. Further, with many anticipating exciting announcements from the scheduled talk, Tesla demand may be in for another major spike in the coming weeks and months.

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Tesla dominates in California, led by Model Y
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