During its Q4 2022 earnings, Tesla executives definitively put demand concerns to rest

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Over the years, Tesla has transformed itself from a money-losing EV startup to an established, money-making electric vehicle behemoth. But despite the company’s domination in countries like the United States, arguments about Tesla’s alleged demand concerns have proven pervasive. 

This was especially the case last year, as TSLA stock struggled against the weight of Covid lockdowns in China and Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition. With firms like UK-based YouGov stating that Tesla’s brand favorability is declining, and with Tesla being beaten in raw volume by rival BYD in China, there was almost a perfect storm for the “demand problem” narrative to take root. 

Tesla started 2023 with a price war, and since then, sentiments surrounding the company have improved. Considering all the demand concerns surrounding the company, however, Tesla opted to preemptively address the issue. The company accomplished this by having Elon Musk completely debunk Tesla’s demand issue narrative in his opening remarks at the Q4 and FY 2022 earnings call. 

As per the CEO, Tesla has seen extremely strong demand this month, with the company seeing orders at almost twice the rate of production. And considering that Tesla’s production is nothing to scoff at, Musk’s statement is certainly telling. 

“The most common question we’ve been getting from investors is about demand, so I want to put that concern to rest. Thus far in January, we’ve seen the strongest orders year-to-date than ever in our history. We currently are seeing orders at almost twice the rate of production. I mean, it’s not to say whether that will continue… but the orders are high, and we’ve actually raised the Model Y price a little bit in response to that,” Musk said, later reiterating that “Demand far exceeds production, and we actually are making some small price increases as a result.”

In a comment to Teslarati, Jesse Cohen, a senior analyst at Investing.com, noted that Tesla is showing the industry that it has what it takes to navigate headwinds and still come out on top. The analyst was optimistic, noting that Tesla’s manufacturing efficiencies should allow the company to break its delivery target this year. 

“Tesla’s solid quarter is the latest sign that it has done an outstanding job navigating through global supply chain and logistics challenges, weathering the storm better than most legacy automakers. Tesla’s improved manufacturing efficiency places it in a good position to produce more cars, putting it on track to break its deliveries target for the year,” Cohen noted. 

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During its Q4 2022 earnings, Tesla executives definitively put demand concerns to rest
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