Tesla Model Y RWD software-locked range upgrade coming soon: Musk

Credit: Tesla

Tesla Model Y owners with recent RWD configuration models will soon be able to buy a software-locked range upgrade, according to a statement from CEO Elon Musk this week.

After Tesla launched the new Model Y Long Range RWD in the U.S. on Friday night to replace the previous RWD trim, Musk said on X that the automaker would soon be offering range upgrade purchases for the now-axed configuration.

The statement came in response to Tesla investor and reporter Sawyer Merritt in a post about the new Model Y trim, to which Musk said that the Model Y RWD units built over the past several months will have access to the software-unlocked range upgrade, depending on the battery cells included.

While he says Tesla is still working on regulatory approval for the range upgrade, he notes that owners will soon have the option to pay $1,500 to $2,000 to unlock the range upgrade, effectively adding between 40 and 60 miles to the Model Y.

The range upgrade would effectively bring the so-called “260-mile” Model Y up to par or almost up to par with the newly launched LR RWD trim, which has an estimated range of 320 miles per charge. Tesla launched the LR RWD Model Y in select European countries earlier this year, though it was debuted alongside the previous RWD variant instead of as a replacement, as it was in the U.S.

According to data from JATO Dynamics, the Model Y was the world’s best-selling vehicle last year, a detail Tesla has been keen to highlight in recent advertisements. In the U.S., the Model Y made up over a third of electric vehicle (EV) sales last year, continuing that trend through Q1 of this year.

Many have also been awaiting a Model Y refresh, codenamed “Juniper,” that would get a similar redesign to the upgraded Model 3, which Tesla launched last year in many markets and this year in the U.S. Despite high levels of anticipation for the forthcoming refresh,  Tesla has said that it won’t be launching a Model Y refresh in North America this year.

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Tesla Model Y RWD software-locked range upgrade coming soon: Musk
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