Tesla Model Y deliveries in Turkey expected to hit 8,000 by end of September

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The Tesla Model Y became the world’s best-selling vehicle in the world earlier this year. And while the Model Y’s sales were strongest in North America and China, the vehicle is also proving very popular in other countries. 

Take Turkey, for example. As per recent local reports, the Model Y is virtually sold out in the country, with estimates from industry watchers indicating that Tesla might hit the 8,000-vehicle mark by the end of September. That’s very impressive, especially considering the fact that Model Y deliveries only started this May. The Model Y is also the sole Tesla model that’s sold in Turkey today.  

As noted in a report, Tesla is not a member of the Automotive Distributors and Mobility Association (ODMD) for the Turkish automotive market. This means that the company’s data is not shared by the organization. Fortunately, industry watchers such as veteran journalist Emre Özpeynirci have tracked Tesla’s sales over the past months in Turkey. 

In a statement, Özpeynirci noted that Tesla is so far Turkey’s strongest seller of electric vehicles. “I learned that Tesla, which started deliveries in mid-May, is by far the brand that sells the most electric cars in Turkey both in July and in the January-July period,” he said. 

The industry watcher added that Tesla’s sales in 2.5 months have reached about 3,000 units, and updated data indicates that the company is close to hitting 5,000 deliveries in the country. With this in mind, Tesla does seem to be hitting its pace in the Turkish automotive market. 

“I learned that Tesla has made around 5,000 Model Y deliveries in Turkey so far. With over 3,000 vehicles recently towed to Istanbul Park, the number of deliveries is expected to reach 8,000 by the end of September. In October, the target is to exceed 10,000 deliveries. 10,000 deliveries of a model in 5 months could be a world record for Tesla (in Turkey),” Özpeynirci noted. 

Turkey could become a notable market for Tesla. Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in New York. Reports suggested that Musk and Erdoğan discussed a variety of topics during their meeting, with the president reportedly encouraging the CEO to build a Tesla Gigafactory in Turkey. 

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Tesla Model Y deliveries in Turkey expected to hit 8,000 by end of September
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