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Why a Tesla Model Y update during the Q4 earnings call will set TSLA on fire

Tesla Model Y (Source: Teslarati)

Tesla is set to report its Q4 2019 earnings after the bell rings to close trading on Wednesday and if the electric car manufacturer announces during the call that Model Y delivery will begin soon, expect TSLA stock to skyrocket.

A stellar Q3 2019 performance helped Tesla stock gain momentum and set up Elon Musk’s electric car brand for its final push in the last few months of 2019. Analysts are optimistic following its historic fourth quarter, when it was able to deliver 112,000 vehicles and produce more than 104,000 units. This helped TSLA rise to a $100 billion valuation, bumping German auto giant Volkswagen on the second spot in the list of the most valuable carmakers in the globe.

UPDATED: Tesla $TSLA shares soar following confirmation of Model Y first deliveries and breakout Q4 2019 results

As for the much-awaited all-electric crossover, the production schedule of the Tesla Model Y has moved up from Fall 2020 to Summer 2020 but all signs hint that it may even come sooner. From several sightings of production-ready Model Y units, the publication of its  CARB certification, VINs registration with the NHTSA, and phone calls to future Model Y owners, rumors that the first deliveries of the Model Y will begin in February are highly-likely true.

If the Tesla Model Y premium electric crossover indeed hits the road next month, expect movement in the price of TSLA stock. And the only direction to look is up.

Early delivery of Model Y should scare competitors 

Tesla has struggled before in keeping its promises of delivering vehicles to customers on time. Skeptics had a point because every carmaker must do its best to meet the demand and keep their customers happy. Elon Musk and his team fine-tuned kinks in production and proved to critics that they’re taking steps in the right direction as Tesla delivered 367,000 vehicles in 2019 — that’s a 50% jump from its numbers in 2018.

Deliveries of vehicles is an accurate barometer of how Tesla is starting to walk the walk, a clear sign that there’s an improvement in the company’s fundamentals as a whole. Initial production of the vehicle is being handled by Tesla’s Fremont plant in California but the company has also started its Model Y program in China. Giga Berlin will contribute to its production as soon as July 2021, with the facility set to start its operations with the production of the all-electric crossover as well.

(Credit: Tesla Owners Silicon Valley/Twitter)

The early delivery of the Model Y to consumers also means that Tesla has underpromised and over-delivered. This is a screaming signal that competitors should worry cause whatever “advanced manufacturing technologies” Elon Musk mentioned when he recently spoke about the Model Y could work wonders for the carmaker. These innovations may be related to a casting machine that can practically cast most of the vehicle’s body in one piece, rigid wiring system, and other technologies that the market will learn about soon.

“Model Y will also have some advanced manufacturing technology that we will reveal in the future. I think it will be exciting to show the kind of manufacturing technology associated with the Model Y and it will be exciting to learn about these technologies,” Musk said.

If these manufacturing technologies take Tesla a step closer to perfecting its production line design, then it can hit its production goals in Fremont, Shanghai, and Berlin in the near future. Of course, this efficiency in Model Y production will have a chain effect across its factories and product lines. Better production means a smaller gap between supply and demand. With better efficiency, trust in the brand can soar and sales go boom.

Tesla Model Y will be king of SUV/Crossover Segment

The Tesla Model Y electric crossover that has a range of 300 miles and an impressive 0 to 60 mph time of 3.5 seconds for its quickest variant is positioned perfectly.

Demand for sedans in the United States has been going down fast in favor of more spacious and more functional rides such as SUVs and crossovers. There were 17 million vehicles sold in the US in 2019 and only 28% of that are cars.

Focusing on the crossover segment, the Tesla Model Y has some formidable competition in the form of the BMW X3, Audi Q5, Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-PACE, and the more affordable Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V.

In terms of price and size, the Model Y is comparable to the rest of the pack but the Model Y will have an option to accommodate seven passengers that others cannot offer. And of course, the other electric crossovers are all from internal combustion engine producers and they’re not doing very well. The Audi e-tron only sold 5,369 units in the US while the I-PACE sold 2,594 units. The picture is similar for other mid-sized SUVs.

With the preference of consumers leaning towards roomier vehicles, the Model Y will further prove the credibility and popularity of Tesla brand.

Tesla Model Y Performance spotted in Washington State (Source: Daily Night Society | YouTube)

Model Y can help push Tesla to sustained profitability

During the Q3 earnings call, Musk was quoted about his expectations of the Model Y.

“I’ve actually recently driven the Model Y release candidate, and I think it’s going to be an amazing product and be very well received. I think it’s quite likely to — this is just my opinion, but I think it will outsell S, X, and 3, combined,” Musk said.

The Model Y is the ultimate bad news for critics and competitors. If Tesla found a way to accelerate production and start delivering its all-electric crossover in February, that just means Model Y sales would be added to the books and help raise the company’s earnings in 2020.

While the Model 3 is the first mass-produced vehicle of Tesla, the Model Y will be the first affordable electric SUV that can help push it to sustained profitability.  The electric crossover that starts at $39,000 shares 75% of its DNA with its sedan sibling but even with a higher price tag, the innovations in production that Elon Musk mentioned will push the cost down.

Tesla will not only have a good profit margin for the Model Y in the United States, but there’s also a good chance that its margins will even be bigger in China where the locally-made Model 3 has received a warm reception.

The Palo Alto, California-based company can push the margins for its electric crossover further by doing what it plans to do with the Made-in-China Model 3. Localization of components will be key as this will allow Tesla to push the vehicle’s price down and practically create demand. That will work well, according to analysts from Chuancai Securities, an equity firm in China.

The Tesla Model Y will be a game-changer in the industry. If Model 3 was the straight punch to its competitors, the Model Y will be the power uppercut punch that will knock out its rivals.

Why a Tesla Model Y update during the Q4 earnings call will set TSLA on fire
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