Tesla Model Y wait times increase to 2-5 weeks in China

Credit: Tesla Asia/Twitter

After the company’s recent round of price cuts to the Model Y crossover, Tesla China appears to have seen a substantial volume of orders for the vehicle. This was hinted at in the estimated wait time for Model Y orders placed on Tesla China’s website today. 

A look at Tesla China’s Model Y page shows that the estimated delivery date for the entry-level Model Y RWD and the Model Y Dual Motor AWD has been adjusted to 2-5 weeks for orders placed today. Previously, these vehicles’ estimated delivery timeframe was listed at 1-4 weeks. 

Credit: Tesla

The top-tier Model Y Performance still has an estimated delivery date of 1-4 weeks on Tesla’s official website. 

Other details of the domestically-produced Tesla Model Y in China have remained the same. The estimated delivery date of the locally made Model 3 sedan in China also remains unchanged at 1-4 weeks. 

Following the company’s recent round of price cuts to the Model Y, the starting price for the base RWD Model Y has been updated to RMB 259,900 (about $37,800), a decrease of RMB 29,000 from the previous price of RMB 288,900 (about $42,100). The Model Y Long Range with dual-motor AWD now has a starting price of RMB 309,900 (about $45,100), a decrease of RMB 48,000 from RMB 357,900 (about $52,100). 

The starting price for the Model Y Performance has been updated to RMB 359,900 (about $52,400), a decrease of RMB 38,000 from RMB 397,900 (about $58,000). It is worth noting that in the United States, Tesla currently sells the Model Y Dual Motor AWD for $65,990 and the Model Y Performance for $69,990. 

While Tesla’s recent price adjustments to the Model Y and Model 3 have resulted in some recent customers protesting on the company’s stores, Tesla China VP Grace Tao has explained that vehicle pricing is calculated based on several factors. 

“Tesla’s logic is very simple. When the cost is calculated to have changed, such as changing raw materials, we will immediately increase or decrease the price. Actually, Tesla’s logic is very simple. Consumers seem to think that the price drop was relatively large compared to last month, but in fact, the price rose last month, and compared to the costs before the price increase, the difference is not large,” she said. 

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Tesla Model Y wait times increase to 2-5 weeks in China
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