Tesla unlocks Supercharger Network to Non-Tesla EVs in a new region

(Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla opened its Supercharger Network to non-Tesla EVs in China recently. 

“Today, Tesla’s pilot open Supercharger Network in mainland China is officially opened! [We’re] giving electric car owners a better charging experience and continuing to promote the charging technology and services. 🔋 A better era of travel is accelerating!” Tesla China’s Weibo account stated—roughly translated.

Tesla China’s infographic also tied the open Supercharger Network back to Master Plan Part 3. It noted that opening the Supercharger Network would provide more non-Tesla EVs with a better charging experience and would help accelerate new energy vehicle adoption in China. 

Tesla is slowly launching the open Supercharger Network, starting with 10 stations in Beijing and Shanghai to accommodate about 37 non-Tesla electric vehicles. Tesla also plans to open 120 destination charging stations, covering 25 provinces and municipalities, to non-Tesla EVs in China.

In Beijing, the following Supercharger stations will be open to non-Tesla EVs: Baolong Building, Guohai Plaza, Palazzo Aegean, Daxing Longhu Paradise Street, and Vanke Times Center Ten Mile Fort. The Supercharger stations in Shanghai that will be servicing non-Tesla EVs include the Jiadi Center, Rujin Building, 21st Century Tower, Baokuang International Building, and Jing’an International Center Phase I.

Tesla China invited non-Tesla EV owners to download the Tesla app version 4.20.69 or later to use the Supercharger Network. It provided a short and clear tutorial video instructing non-Tesla EVs on the charger process at open Superchargers. 

With the Supercharger Network, Tesla China promises 100% charging coverage to electric vehicles. Telsa opened 1,600 Supercharger stations in China with over 10,000 charging stalls. It also deployed 700 destination charging stations with more than 2,000 Supercharger piles.

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Tesla unlocks Supercharger Network to Non-Tesla EVs in a new region
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