Tesla maintains an Outperform rating by Wedbush as Q1 2024 ends

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Wedbush maintained Tesla’s Outperform rating with a $315 price target as Q1 2024 ends. 

According to Wedbush analysts, Tesla remains on track to exceed 2 million unit deliveries in 2024. They believe reaching 2.1 million and 2.2 million unit deliveries this year is “still achievable,” even with a softer Q1 performance. 

The investment firm predicts near-term headwinds but stated in a note on Wednesday that the negative sentiment on Tesla is “way overdone.” Last month, several firms dropped Tesla’s price target for varying reasons. Earlier this month, Morgan Stanley cut Tesla’s price target from $345 to $320, stating that demand for electric vehicles (EVs) was decelerating.

Wedbush acknowledged the price competition with the Chinese auto market but predicts aggressive price reductions will start to die down by spring or summer 2024. The Chinese electric vehicle market has been steadily increasing. According to Harvard Business Review, EV sales in China made up 82% in 2022, accounting for almost 60% of electric vehicles purchased worldwide.

Giga Shanghai has been instrumental in Tesla’s growth globally and in China. Giga Shanghai is Tesla’s main export hub, delivering specific variants to several countries. 

However, other Chinese automakers have also set goals to grow in their local EV market and other markets. China has started exporting cheap electric vehicles to other countries, making it difficult for local automakers to compete. 

The European Commission launched an investigation on Chinese EV imports in late 2023. 

“The probe comes after a surge in EU imports of electric vehicles (EVs) from China, outstripping other Chinese export markets. It may result in the Commission levying countervailing tariffs on EU imports of BEVs from China to offset state subsidies if substantiated and to level the playing field,” noted the European Commission.

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Tesla maintains an Outperform rating by Wedbush as Q1 2024 ends
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