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Tesla revamps Referral Program rewards including money off and FSD bonuses

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Tesla is revamping its offers for the Referral Program with new rewards for certain vehicle models, including money off and even offers for free months of the Full Self-Driving program.

Tesla is offering three months of free Full Self-Driving and $1,000 off of a Model S and Model X sale that comes from a referral, giving the person who referred someone to buy one of the flagship EVs a sizeable offer.

Additionally, they will receive 20,000 Referral Credits.

“If you own (or have previously owned) a qualifying product, and you subsequently purchase an additional qualifying product with the same Tesla Account, you may also qualify for the cash award and benefits listed above.”

Additionally, Model 3 and Model Y sales will give the referrer 3,500 Loot Box credits, which can be used to purchase features, vehicle upgrades, merchandise, and other accessories. A Home Charging Wall Connector is just one of the items that could be won through the program.

The old iteration of the program even offered free vehicles.

Tesla’s Credits also expire 12 months from the Grant Date, so be sure to use them within one year of the date you receive them.

It will be interesting to see how many people receive referral awards for the Model 3 after Tesla announced major changes to the vehicle’s tax incentives last evening.

Tesla announces major changes to Model 3 tax incentives

All three Model 3 trim levels now qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit. Previously, only the Model 3 Performance qualified for the full amount, with the Rear-Wheel-Drive and Long Range All-Wheel-Drive qualifying for half, amounting to $3,750.

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Tesla revamps Referral Program rewards including money off and FSD bonuses
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