Tesla Supercharger installations continue in Sweden despite Union opposition

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Tesla Supercharger installations in Sweden continue despite Union efforts to stop the company. 

In April, trade union IF Metall tried to stop the expansion of the Tesla Supercharger Network by gaining support from other unions. IF Metall’s fight against Tesla is still going, thanks to sympathy strikes from other unions. 

Through sympathy strikes from the Swedish Union for Service and Communications Employees (Seko) and the Electrician’s Union, IF Metall temporarily stalled the expansion of Tesla’s Supercharger Network in Sweden. 

Tesla Sweden plans to build 35 new Supercharger stations from Malmö to Kiruna over the next few years. In 2024, the American automaker aimed to open 20 new Tesla Supercharger sites in Sweden, but IF Metall forced the company to temporarily pause its plans this year. 

Despite IF Metall’s efforts to thwart Tesla’s plans, Superchargers stations are still opening in Sweden. A few X members shared photos and information on newly opened Tesla Superchargers in Sweden. 

“And the Supercharger station in Jäckvik is now installed and ready!…Tesla is really expanding in Sweden and have no plans to leave Sweden and are not going to sign a collective agreement, that’s sure!” Said Nicklas in a post. 

During the Annual Shareholders Meeting, Elon Musk shared that Tesla’s Supercharger Network will continue to grow significantly worldwide. 

“Now we are gonna be more careful about the capital efficiency of where we deploy Superchargers. But for sure, any place that has congestion, any sort of missing parts of the map that we’re missing, we’re gonna put the Superchargers there. 

“Even for the remainder of the year, we expect to spend about half a billion dollars on Supercharger deployment, so it’s very significant, and it will be a well-spent half a billion. It’s a lot,” Musk said.

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Tesla Supercharger installations continue in Sweden despite Union opposition
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