Tesla Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control begins international rollout

(Photo: Tesla)

Tesla has officially started rolling out Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control to international markets. Software Update 2020.36.10 includes several new functionalities for Tesla Autopilot, with proceeding on green light being the most notable.

The feature is rolling out to drivers in Australia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Switzerland, according to International rollouts of the functionality mean that Tesla has ultimately kept its word that the Autopilot feature would be available to drivers outside the United States.

@TechAU on Twitter revealed that his vehicle had received the Software Update, which includes Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta), Navigate on Autopilot (Beta) – Exit Passing Lane, and Green Traffic Light Chime.

The Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta) release notes state:

“The Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature no longer requires explicit driver confirmation of pulling the Autopilot stalk to continue through green traffic lights when there is a lead vehicle ahead of you. The stop line in the driving visualization will now turn green to indicate that the car will continue through an intersection.

Please continue to pay attention and be ready to take immediate action, including braking because this feature may not stop for all traffic controls. This feature will not attempt to turn through intersections but over time, as we continue to learn from the fleet, the feature will control more naturally.”

Tesla started rolling out the functionality with Software Update 2020.12.6 in late April 2020 to U.S. drivers. At the time of the initial release, drivers were required to confirm the navigation through a stoplight or stop sign with a gentle press of the gas pedal, or a press down on the gear stalk located behind the steering wheel.

Tesla begins wide release of Autopilot Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control

Tesla had released the functionality to Early Access Members on April 16th, and the wide release coming a week late signaled that the software had a high enough confidence level to be rolled out to more drivers. With the development of Tesla’s Neural Network, the feature began to “control more naturally” over time, just as the company intended.

Musk said that the FSD detail would be available to international drivers in Q3 2020, and the CEO made good on his promise. The issue with releasing some self-driving assistance functions to other countries is driving rules and regulations differ in every area. Tesla wanted to make sure that the feature had enough capability to handle different traffic rules across the world. “Very important to make sure this is done right,” Musk said in a Tweet.

Tesla Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control begins international rollout
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