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Tesla’s (TSLA) $2k value could be looked at as “low priced,” investor says

The next-generation Tesla Roadster at the Grand Basel Auto Show.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has reached the $2,000 a share price point, but one investor says that its value could be looked at as “fairly low priced” in a year or two.

It’s hard to imagine that $2,000 for a share of an automaker’s stock could look like a bargain in the current economic climate. However, the CEO of AdvisorShares, Noah Hamman, thinks that TSLA’s price now could very well be looked at as a steal in a year or two.

“It’s possible a year or two from now we think that $2,000 a share was still fairly low priced, but who knows,” Hamman said to The First Tradewhich is Yahoo Finance’s opening bell show.

For the CEO, it all comes down to data and experience.

“Tesla is the one that has the most miles, the most data, probably one of the better systems we have seen tested on the road. So all of those become very interesting things,” he added.

Electric cars have proven to be a tough transition for many automakers who have years of experience in manufacturing gas-powered cars. The move from petrol-based motors to electric powertrains is much more than swapping out car parts; it requires a complete fabrication of software and refurbished engineering processes.

Tesla, like all other companies, also had its fair share of issues early on. In 2008, the company nearly went bankrupt. Facing small amounts of capital, the first edition Roadster was not functional, and CEO Elon Musk had very little time to figure out the problem before the company went bankrupt.

Luckily for the large automakers that are trying to transition, money is plentiful, and going bankrupt is not a real concern. Considering gas cars are still more popular on the road and availability is more widespread than EVs, the problems take away drops of funding from a massive pool of money.

Even though Hamman thinks what Tesla is doing is incredible, he is still baffled by the price of the stock. “It’s shocking [to see Tesla’s stock at $2,000], and it can probably continue to go up. I mean, I am surprised by the number. It makes it tough to be a new investor in that stock to think whether or not you will get the returns from a price perspective. But it’s a great company, an amazing company.”

Tesla reached the $2,000 per share mark for the first time on Thursday, August 20, and is up over 390% Year-to-Date. The company’s surge has come from improvements in battery tech, sustained demand through the COVID-19 pandemic, and a string of profitable quarters that have shocked short sellers of the company across the world.

Tesla also surpassed Walmart, the S&P 500’s 10th-largest company. If Tesla were to be apart of the index, it would be the 9th biggest company listed.

At the time of writing, TSLA shares were up $91.28, or 4.56%.

Disclosure: I have no ownership in shares of TSLA and have no plans to initiate any positions within 72 hours.

Tesla’s (TSLA) $2k value could be looked at as “low priced,” investor says
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